The worst thing about learning Russian is that when I see Cyrillic characters used as stylized Latin characters, for example, СНЕЯИОВУL, my reaction is to try to read it as Cyrillic, so I'm inevitably like, "what in the fuck does Snyeyaiovu--oh, crap, that's an L, it just says Chernobyl."

@brokofiev I know how it is haha. I didn't completely learn Russian, but I know some basics. I don't consider that I know how to speak Russian, but if I go to Russia, I wouldn't be completely lost.

I'm in this situation with many languages. Do you have any interest in learning any other language?

@gls Yes! I spent years learning French, to the point where I could comfortably read most things and have (non-technical) conversations on most topics, but without constant upkeep, it's been falling off while I've learned Russian over the past ~15 months, to the point where I find myself randomly inserting Russian words into French sentences, which makes...absolutely no sense to me.

I had toyed with learning Japanese for awhile, because I'd like to know a logographic language, but I wasn't able to make the time investment I needed to really study common kanji, and the grammar is even harder than Russian's, IMO. Russian grammar is scary at first, but basically everything fits a set pattern (knowing when to use instrumental case, perfective, and imperfective verbs is the hardest for me).

@brokofiev I thought Russian grammar would be harder, but for me is fine actually, I guess. I guess I should continue learning Russian. I only have a textbook now, that is fine for me actually, bul I'll find more material later.

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