How long is the warranty on software? 🔖 Turns out that that's something nobody knows.

I have called the Dutch authority on warranties, the technical authority, a software vendor and the legal counter for citizens, and none of them were able to give me an answer. 🙈

I was advised to consult a lawyer because "maybe they'll know".

you'd think the first organisation might have some law books standing around somewhere... 🤔🙄

@StroomAfwaarts The legal counter is literally there to give me legal advice - I was extra disappointed that they had no idea. 😣

@bram @StroomAfwaarts
🤔 Isn't warranty a standard clause in the EULA (End User License Agreement)?


@JohanEmpa @StroomAfwaarts Yes, but this is a warranty that the vendor grants. They don't HAVE to promise any warranty in the EULA.

For products like a laptop, it is reasonable that they last at least 3 years - so the legal minimum warranty is 3 years, and companies may offer more if they want.

For software, it seems that no-one has thought about how long an app should reasonably last. The lawyer whom I called today, said this as well.

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