When Web0 is better than Web3, you know that something went terribly wrong.

What we need for a healthy Web is creative, useful, free, open, slim and decentralized solutions to actual people's problems (focus on people, not on profit).

A good read on why the modern Web is not what most of us imagine and envision as good enough (an article by @koyuchan) :

@koyuchan BTW mail servers are really hard to set up properly nowadays if you don't want your e-mails to land into Spam folders (or not get delivered at all 😒). E-mail is a trusted but dated technology: sometimes I really hope there was a better alternative.

A good sum up of problems with e-mail can be found in this article:


@blu256 @koyuchan What we need is companies, corporations, and governments, to stop monetizing the network and to stop weaponizing it. Its not that "web3" is bad (its pointless though). Its that these entities are using it wrong, and people is following them.

@enigmatico @koyuchan Of course this isn't going to happen; too good an opportunity to assert control over people. Whether you are Facebook shaping people's own "opinion bubbles" and "hate spheres", unethical marketers trying to annihilate privacy for profit or a group pushing its own agenda, you have vast opportunities to subtly control people. It's as if the Web as a space of freedom is a shadow of its old self.

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