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Another World was a good effort, virtue cringe scenes seemed minimal, there were quite a few good ideas around the ship, and there was only a couple of scenes that felt weak, like they could have been skipped the plot info and the elements just played out fine.

Well, at least I ended up with some new ideas from getting distracted by cool things, but dammit I need to finish something.


interesting debate, things to agree with on both sides, but swoletariat is s fucking idiot and truly embodies stupidity, less with Bret, but still I found their conduct a barrier to caring about what they say.

Stefan is completely correct, its all about how kids get educated and what they see as normal :ablobcatcry:

Pottery Shards

It would be possible to create this with a non-scare coin like DOGE

  • All coins are uniquely identifiable
  • Something like key signing parties can be used to attach your ID to that coin, forcing people into public sight if they want to be involved (hate this bit, but I'll do it!)
  • You win by being able to make the largest bid from your own wallet to a publicly known address to claim office
  • Having ways for people to use these coins inside the institution is also very possible and interesting in terms of limiting power and persistence
  • I don't that everyone's vote should be equal in all matters and this kind of system can support that too.
  • In contrast to 'gas' in Ethereum, transaction fees in this system would be better described as 'grease'
  • Anyone who runs a node is participating in a lottery, since their node could be the one who wins the block, and gets the fees from everyone sending money during that period (better on some blocks than others)
  • It challenges new areas of blockchain technologies in terms of the number of nodes, so new problems will emerge (a good thing)
  • The whole system could support a more capitalist way of life, like having positive accounts with shops, so they can use their customers capital to buy stock, under whatever terms you and the merchant want for that (standards would emerge) This can be done now, but the mechanism is also important for early transitional stages.
  • Minimal participation is not effected by any amount of external effort to game or destroy the system
  • The reach of networks and the cheapness of simple devices to operate the system makes it as universal as it needs to be
  • There is no way to really stop people surrendering key custody to 3rd parties, but by making devices we can limit the motivations for that, and ultimately block voting is going to happen by some means anyway - its doesn't break the network.
  • Some integration with public works could also be done, earning votes through civil service, which is pretty much the only situation I'd accept an one man one vote system.

well, "GLHF :)" isn't the friendly disengage I thought it was

bag blinded hodlers lol, crypto twitter is full of idiots who know nothing and it's really funny to watch them rationalize negative indicators that involve increasing numbers as positives.

at least through muting I got the provocative stuff down to random non prolific people

freshly basked it says on the box, if only my head was in it

too much for a purr, but hopefully I'll remember this project in the future

“Most men draw a circle around themselves, their wife and children and
care only for them, other men draw a larger circle including their brothers
and sisters. Great men draw a large circle incorporating many many

what an odd quote, seems a bit pro tyranny but its very old

Another World was a good effort, virtue cringe scenes seemed minimal, there were quite a few good ideas around the ship, and there was only a couple of scenes that felt weak, like they could have been skipped the plot info and the elements just played out fine.

well, from rumbling to full with only half a 10" pizza and a few wedges, kind of good, but also sad since its left me a bit billious and no comfy sleepy fulls :(

Maybe I should try again, like Kim Stanley Robinson it was the writing style that didn't flow well into my brain so I didn't get very far, despite the stories sounding interesting.

Same vibes here, there was also a glut of broken glass and boarded up properties when when the channel crossings were entering the news too, in some areas you'll be lucky to find another native, certainly I get the feeling that the remaining anglos are either too stupid or scared to talk to a local from another town about demographics here.

It was obvious 20 years ago that everyone was getting incentivised to destroy themselves to make a few more quid using ChiCom slaves, and it's the same people lapping up this rainbow tyranny

Housing stock is continuing to tread water or be degraded due to more gov. incentives

Foreign personal capital is sadly wasted in this island as-is, I worry for those spending earned money to get here.

Debt free corporate borrowing (lol investing) is buying up properties

Demand for renting also stops houses getting released to the market

The housing stock on the island is getting ruined, new houses are tiny, building standards create crappy new homes that wont last.

Islam is a problem for the world, especially the rational post enlightenment world I had a general notion of being part of growing up, now I'm an oddity on the edge of a colony of mercenaries...

Maybe living on the moors wouldn't be a bad thing, it'd be a nice spot, would only have to deal with the Queen, and I think there's a good discussion to be had about her negligence and passivity and most importantly how the Barons have failed and we need a new charter because the parliament is broken, out of control and increasing it's rate of expansion at the expense of it's citizens.

wow, photo check-in for quarantine, and people are doing it lol

its nice that there's some proof now for Twitch being an awful place

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