I heard a lot of discussion around the “How to make money on opensource?” topic. So I wrote a post about it! Enjoy :blobcatcoffee2:



This is my third Mastodon home instance. First, I fled from mastodon.technology, because I couldn't follow an account I was interested in. I started digging out why and it turned out the instance's policy... let's say, didn't suit me

Banning spamming, illegal or pornographic content? Yes please, that is today's internet hygiene 👍

Banning nazies and trolls? Weeell, I wouldn't go for it, but I see the reasons why people do 👌

Banning "free speech" instances that do not fall into the previous categories? Why would someone do that? ✋

Banning instances that didn't ban the instances that you've banned? What? To me that's just totally unreasonable 🛑

All the categories above are defederated, not just silenced, meaning you can't follow anyone there, even if it's a good person 🤷

Normal people: sleep
Me: Oh, this looks like a dream! git init!

↩️ Revert unwanted events
✌️ Create branches with alternative timeline
🍒 Cherry-pick cool stuff from another dream

😱 Find commits from somebody else
👬 Begin to suspect that you have a split personality
🔐 Think how to prevent unauthorized local commits to your dreams
🌛 Awake at 4am angry with Torvalds for not implementing any protection from an evil twin

2/5, don't put you dreams to git

A small, but really important achievement from me: The latest Godot 3.3 release notes contain some credits to me! 😊


After 2 years of development, I finally completed it: t.me/roll_bot 🎉

In short, this is a chat bot for rolling dices (that was easy!), and searching for D&D 5e spells, monsters and items (I almost killed myself there)

The code is really shitty, but it works. Maybe I'll improve it after healing the burn out

Why it took 2 years? Rust was really tough for me and 2 years ago there was no async ecosystem that we have now, only plain Futures

I'm so happy, I managed to do this!
#rust #dnd

Helsinki is awesome! It is a rare fusion of modern city and wild nature, where everyone lives in peace.

The programmer (aka developer, aka engineer) spends his entire life trying to understand how does that thing on his desk work.

From transistors to browsers there are hundreds of abstraction levels and all of them evolves constantly.

I like having that Pandora's box on my desk :blobcat:

It also tricks most forms that validates non-empty input, like this:

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Did you know there is a Unicode symbol "U00ad - Soft Wrap"? It can make any code uncompilable without even showing the error.

In the screenshot below it is on line 22 just before return. The file is marked as containing errors but specific place is highlighted only on scroll bar case it's with is 0.

You can enter this symbol from keyboard if you enable Compose Key (see wikipedia) and press
<Compose_key> <minus> <minus> <space>

Ahh, new home 🏡
I'll repost some of my fav toots, so that my profile won't look empty


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