Hi! I'm a 33 year old bisexual who loves hockey, dogs, and craft beer! I'm a dog trainer and I specialize in training pitbulls. Pictured is my rescue Zelda. She's a lab/greyhound/pitbull mix and she's 8 years old. My pronouns are he/him.

@baltimoredave Hello Dave,

Good morning and welcome to Koyu and the Fediverse.

Do you know the system? or I can offer a suggestion of User guides if needed.

Enjoy your stay. 🌞🙂

@baltimoredave Thank you -- I like those Guides, and used them frequently in welcome posts to new users at places I am a mod at.

Here I am just a visitor, but like to help - now a nicely formatted toot is pinned at my profile, and I can point people there, or they can find it, on , even if I am not around.

I visit and monitor the account as it's one of my publishing ones, but am not here all the time.

This is a good instance, which mostly needs a good social climate in the Local Timeline -- which mainly the users can build. I helped that at other places, but I am not here all the time, to set the example as often.

Leadership in internet communities is mostly about that, and Content Production as well. @koyu is a great admin and deserves . 👍🙂✨

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