@stux did you reset the server? it's all wonky! :bunnini:​

me: *posts meme*
friend in call: What about us that are not on Fedi
me: Oh sorry! *send a link to registration page*

@stux can you reply on this account? I want to see if I get a notification sound. Maybe it's the browser!

good morning bunnies! do notification sounds work on here?

was a little flustered this morning because I was trying to make coffee and all of the outlets in our kitchen weren't working. For someone who needs coffee, that's a personal disaster. :blobbunnynomblobcat:​

*bunny sound* what sound do bunnies make anyway?

A second ago I was like, "Why is koyu.space" offline? now it's fine

if your antifa work consists of pasting stickers, tagging etc. please read this.

when I moved to Germany I was depressed, dysphoric, didn't speak the language, didn't leave my room, didn't make friends for >2 years. Trump had just been elected on racism against Latinx immigrants, and I had trauma from gender-based street violence in my country. Europe was having an immigration crisis, and parties like the AfD seemed on the rise. I felt as afraid in the streets as I learned to be in Brazil, scurrying through the evenings, heart thumping. Are neonazi emboldened by all this? Am I going to get beaten?

I was vaguely socialist but not politically aware. I was barely aware of what was "antifa" until Spencer got punched. It was a surprise for me to see antifa graffiti and "immigrants welcome" stickers almost every block, everywhere I went. It made me feel like there were people here who would stand by me (correctly :anarchismred:⁠).

if your antifa work consists of pasting stickers, tagging etc. it makes a lot of difference. you make people feel seen and cared about. with all my heart, thank you <3

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