Apparently, no. You can't just upload files to via arachne via brutadon. But, i have this fangled new pc with much more power that can just do it

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Huh. I found I could get brutaldon working on this account with Lynx if I used the alternative (outdated) login method rather than the default one (there should be a link at the bottom of the login page).

@coolboymew thanks, arachne is a pretty good dos browser, a lot smother than one might think.

@arduino101 oh heck I loved using Arachne, it was a good thing. :blobaww:

@arduino101 I'm thinking of the DOS version which I used as my main driver, so that's pretty much a 'was' :blobowo:

@polychrome @arduino101 I'd love to be able to toot from DOS 5 on my 8088 or my 286 once I get networking going.

@vanicpanic once you
have networking I would be more than
willing to help you out with that.
Using arachne takes a good chunk of
memory tho, so for a 286 or even
8088 i would recomend lynx. If you
are planning on installing FreeDOS,
lynx is part of the install disc
repo on version 1.3

@arduino101 my 8088 is running with 512K of RAM, and the 286 is a work in progress... someday, I hope to get it as close to 16MB as I can. I run PC-DOS 5.00 for nostalgia reasons, but can play with something else if needs be.

@arduino101 (read as: my 286 would greatly enjoy having a working power supply and an AT floppy controller, but COVID-19 has prevented me from going to the Vintage Computer Federation East work weekends where that guy promised to teach me how to rebuild the busted power supply)

@vanicpanic lynx should be happy with those specs. Lynx can handle https but on such a machine i would go the way i did with arachne, using brutaldon over a nginx proxy on a linux host machine

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