I made a gay floppy bootloader... If you want to try it out just write the BOOT.BIN from the repo to a floppy at track 0, head 0, sector 1. github.com/arduino101/bootflop

Y'all ever say fuck it and use dos for online media cause you cant handle all the shit...

this is a real adressing mode on the 68030. What where the engineers smoking

I have happy cake day, now give me boosts...

I got lynx properly running on my dos machine. It can directly acces brutaldon.online without my linux main machine acting as a bridge. All hail the mighty HTTPS

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I demand access to the virtual tour of Lenin's mausoleum

Apparently, no. You can't just upload files to koyu.space via arachne via brutadon. But, i have this fangled new pc with much more power that can just do it

got arachne running. But because it can't handle ssl and tls, https is not suporte, of course js as well...

Uhhhh yeeeees. New Pentium Mainboard arived. Gorgeous little fella

i ordered a new mainboard for my dos pc. Expect new images in a cupple of days

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