when finals stressing u out and u wanna make ur setup as edgy as Valhalla:0

made me learn how to tinker with CSS

someone hold me im absolutely squealing

holy cannoli i think dreamwidth is absolutely perfect to go rping compared to that god-awful facebook

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The Poll to End All Polls
Which side is the fediverse on?

honestly my brain is not in the mood to do anything related to academics

me whenever there's cheese bread around:


i’d like a comfortable 25-27 degrees Celsius please

its so hot oh god even when it’s the cold season ughhh

my musical moods in a nutshell: either jazz or electro

my soul is simply tired after a long test in japanese and a theology presentation

imma just go rest and meow

how do my fingers still live playing arcaea for thirty minutes straight

tfw you've spent nearly five hours on the road because of some other errands and the horrors of metro manila traffic

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