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This went quicker than I initially thought. Thank you for your patience.

Planned maintenance at 20:00 CEST for biggy/egg. The following services will be affected:

- Matrix
- koyu's personal website
- Google Search Autocomplete Proxy

This means some resources like images might not load on Please be patient. The process might take up to 15 minutes. boosted

"Amazon’s home security company Ring quietly removed the term 'surveillance' from a statement law enforcement officials provided to local news outlets, according to public records obtained by Gizmodo."

Let's call it what it is: surveillance. boosted

Good call @TheAdmin Good job taking care of your people here. This user just posted this to Gab. Now he is on the instance ... So I guess, it's your turn....

We blocked a service called Fedichive on software- and network level and recommend other instances to do the same. Protecting user privacy is our primary goal.

It has been a recent trend to block Fedilab on instances. I think everybody should have the right to choose the client they want to have even if they might not agree with the viewpoints of the developers. Sure is allowing bad instances a bad thing (and we regularly block them), but taking user freedom away is also a bad thing. Choose a client you feel comfortable with. I won't care.

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Update finished.

Everyone hosted by is now running v2.9.3

Any issues please let me know.

Thanks! 🐘

We now have an online shop. Selling physical goods over Patreon was a bad idea. Git is now running Gitea 1.9.0 🎉

Planned maintenance on 16:30 CEST. Don't freak out when some resources like images won't load, that will be perfectly normal.

Nordcast is now live at Google Play. I'm thrilled to hear your feedback.

Prepare your fingers as we will release the first ever app built around technologies. It's called Nordcast.

Check out in the next couple of days boosted

Upgrade finished!

All instances hosted on are now running v2.9.2

Any issues please let me know.

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I will be starting the upgrade to Mastodon v2.9.2 now.

Instances will go down for less than 1 minute.

You can read the changelogs here:

Need some people recommended to fill your timeline? Go to and find someone to follow!

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