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Planned maintenance on 16:30 CEST. Don't freak out when some resources like images won't load, that will be perfectly normal.

Nordcast is now live at Google Play. I'm thrilled to hear your feedback.

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Prepare your fingers as we will release the first ever app built around technologies. It's called Nordcast.

Check out in the next couple of days boosted

Upgrade finished!

All instances hosted on are now running v2.9.2

Any issues please let me know.

Thanks 🐘

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I will be starting the upgrade to Mastodon v2.9.2 now.

Instances will go down for less than 1 minute.

You can read the changelogs here:

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Last night's v2.9.1 release of #Mastodon had some bugs around audio uploads, so here is a small patch to take care of that: boosted

#Mastodon v2.9.1 is out 🎉

A new moderation API, audio uploads, and domain blocks that extend to subdomains automatically Git is now running Gitea 1.8.3 🎉

We will update our Terms of Service on June 30 2019. Changes include:

- Changes to the policy on NSFW content, child pornography and boosting content
- Clarification of business accounts and what they have to do in order to get accepted
- Explicit prohibition for links containing pay-walls, login-walls etc. and exceptions
- Better understanding on what degrading service performance means

You can review the changes here and either accept it or delete your account:


Wir bei haben zwar keine Verschlüsselung auf unserer Mastodon-Instanz, aber wollen sicherstellen, dass Nutzerdaten trotzdem geschützt bleiben, selbst vor Behörden, die keinen triftigen Grund haben für solch eine Herausgabe. Das ist unser oberstes Ziel und es ist uns dementsprechend egal, was uns vorgeschrieben wird. Das Internet ist frei und so wird es auch bleiben.


While we're on this: We are currently looking for a new moderator to improve reaction time to abuse flags.

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Hi, we received an abuse flag from a couple of instances about a specific user on That issue has been resolved in ~5 minutes and the user has been banned for violating our Terms of Service. Was that reaction time okay? boosted

Finished the upgrade!

All instances hosted on are now running v2.9.0

Any issues please let me know.

Thanks 🐘

Show thread Matrix is now running on Synapse 1.0

Have a great time!

today we blocked allowing bigoted content is a complete no-go on saying "i don't understand how this could be a problem" is a bad excuse and extremely unprofessional. on top of that, i personally recommend not buying any librem products anymore. you would basically support those people who allow these kind of things.

you can opt-in to put yourself into the directory which makes you easily discoverable right on the front page of :circlev:

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