Hi everyone from :blobcatwave:

We're now counting almost 500 users. runs on donations (or right now @koyu's student loan) and if you like to keep the servers running just consider donating to us or buying a T-Shirt, hoodie or a sticker pack. Since @koyu herself doesn't own a credit card yet payments can only be received through PayPal for now.



@koyu watchu paying for your server? and what are the specs? just wondering. i would love to donate you sth if i had the spare money (hint: i sadly have not)

@kura i'm currently paying 14€ for the server since i recently reached my limit. if i reach the limit again this stocks up to 24€ which is a quarter of my student loan.

here is the pricing (i'm hosted on btw) if you're interested, just add up 4€ since i have elasticsearch enabled on here:

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