It has been a recent trend to block Fedilab on instances. I think everybody should have the right to choose the client they want to have even if they might not agree with the viewpoints of the developers. Sure is allowing bad instances a bad thing (and we regularly block them), but taking user freedom away is also a bad thing. Choose a client you feel comfortable with. I won't care.

- @koyu


I... wasn't aware of this client blacklisting trend... I'm i suppose ditch it for an another one currently, or should i just wait... something ? I'm currently still able to use it on my instance.

There is no reason to ditch it, as long as your instance is not blocking it.
This is a feud between people who think that Fedilab must block gab and the developer.
Some people think you are not allowed to provide a software, that allows its users to use the software with gab, and they try to pressure the developer to add the block by disallowing users of the client on their instance. This has nothing to do with the client or the users, only with disagreeing with the dev.

@Utgardloki @koyu there was this controversy going around with Tusky blocking and Fedilab not doing the same and sooner or later the developers were called out as Nazis. Later on some people came to the glorious idea to block Fedilab on their instances. Guess we both know that this is basically contributing to losing users as Fedilab is also a pretty popular client for the fediverse.

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