It's in!
Fire up your @keybase and prove your profile!

In the browser
or the command-line: keybase prove boosted

And so we enter the #fediverse. Support for all instances is coming soon. We're just waiting on more of the Keybase community to update to the latest versions so all of these new proof options will look good in the UI. Thanks for your excitement!

Moving database server on 15:10 UTC+2, expect ~15 minutes of downtime.

Today marks the first anniversary of Happy birthday! 🎂 :circlev:

Happy April Fools!

We included a little gimmick on some of our sub pages.

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And it's done! All hosted instances are no running v2.7.4

If you run into any issues please let me know.

ImperiumCMS now got the guy with jetpack introducing a new loading screen 🎒 🎉

prepare for quality poll shitposting on soon with the launch of mastodon 2.8 boosted

Upgrade finished! All instances hosted on are now running v2.7.3 🎉 boosted

Highlights from v2.7.2:

The error page elephant animation is now hover-to-play

The conversations column now always displays the list of other participants in the conversation, instead of the most recent one

Unicode in URLs and quotations around them get turned into links the expected way now

New checks guard the ActivityPub inbox against storing deliveries that nobody asked for

And many other fixes boosted

I will be starting the upgrade to Mastodon v2.7.2 for all instances hosted on now.

You should expect under 30 seconds of downtime during the upgrade.

You can read the changelog here: boosted

#Mastodon v2.7.2 is out 🎉

It is a backport release, which means if you are running from the master branch, it's not for you. boosted

OK, upgrade finished!

All instances on have now been updated to v2.7.1

This one was the fastest upgrade I have done in a while :)

Any issues please let me know. boosted

#Gitea 1.7.0 is now out!

- User action heatmap
- PR review summary
- Milestones
- Pasting images into issues/PRs from the clipboard
- Rebase-with-commit merge style from web

And a bunch of other stuff 🎉

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