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Hey security friends! After much encouragement, Bitwarden has joined the Fosstodon family 🤗

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Soon people gonna have sex in this meta thing :lainWoke:

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Now you can smoke and kiss in the meta universe and feel it with your body.

The headset uses a set of sensors at the bottom to direct the ultrasonic energy to different parts of the mouth. All elements of the headset are placed near the nose.

Thanks to this, it is now possible to kiss, smoke, brush your teeth, and feel it with your body in reality in the meta-universe.

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Lightweight Spotify Client :ablobcatmusic:

Spotube is a Cross-platform Flutter based lightweight spotify client. It utilizes the power of Spotify & Youtube's public API & creates a hazardless, performant & resource friendly User Experience.

#foss #android #music

“Good advice at the wrong time is bad advice.
Life is full of seasons and each season has different requirements.
Know what season you are in, and you can better identify which ideas to utilize.”

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I think people should take back control over their data :dank:

Marvel was awesome so far 😁
Feel different from other marvel contents :beber:

In school we are taught and trained to get a lesson first and a test later. But in life things happen the opposite way, where we are tested first and we learn the lesson afterwards.

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@amal here all are equal no one is considered superior to anyone else

Laughing at a situation in your dream is your brain laughing at its own joke.

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Hey, if you are new here, and need a (temporary?) avatar, I updated my page with all my generators: cats, birds, fenestars and abstracts, have fun!


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which browser you guys are using :onion: ?

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