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@ticky @sindastra I guess I'd try an immediate mode GUI library first.

@ticky @sindastra Oh god, why?? Why does the game industry keep writing engines that are both performant *and* bloated?

@cwebber Out of interest, did you ever write a followup to your essay "Non-Commercial doesn't compose (and it never will)" to discuss similar issues with "No-Harm" licenses?

@sindastra The only ones I know for sure are at least some of the more recent EA sports titles, but I don't know which releases exactly. And my source is a conversation with a former EA developer, so I can't cite anything offhand.

@lunch @ilovecomputers I know, it's stupid. Some commercial videogames also embed a web browser and use a web app for the in-game overlay. It's insane, and makes the task harder than it needs to be.

re: racism in FLOSS culture / call to FLOSS admins/devs 

@thufie For what it's worth, I've had nothing but pleasant experiences on public Xonotic servers.

@koyu Lame attempt at humour. My paranoid brain does wonder, however, whether they aren't making shelf accounts (accounts to let age to seem legitimate for nefarious activities later on).

@lunch @ilovecomputers Ah, but can we do better than as cheaply? Always go for the tech for which you can find labour the cheapest.

...we are doomed.

@VonBirne @kunsi This looks like something I'd see after the credits on an American sitcom from the late '90s.

@technomancy Reminder that ColorForth exists, and isn't a joke language.

@koyu Is SSL set up correctly? Firefox says "parts of this page are not secure".

re: oh god we're on this discourse again 

@cadence Yes, but I would have to do a lot of digging to find the relevant emacs-devel subsubsubsubthread to prove it.

re: oh god we're on this discourse again 

@00dani @haskal re. fedilab, I'm just talking in general, as I don't know enough about that case to comment.

re: oh god we're on this discourse again 

@00dani @haskal Yes, and infiltration would be the non-nazi usecase for that.

Dear denizens, what are the best @koyu emoji for denoting sarcasm?

@lightweight Good to know that circus has not improved since I escaped. :blobcatglare:

re: oh god we're on this discourse again 

@00dani @haskal Bit of a tangent here: I just re-read freedom 0 and realised that GNU projects have repeatedly violated that freedom to give way to their policy that no GNU software should be "better" on a proprietary platform. The only example I can think of from memory is improved font rendering in Emacs on macOS was reverted because that made it better on macOS than on "GNU/Linux".

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