@yann2 Sometimes I think they're worse because dress themselves with phony kindness.

@tastytentacles Has my follow request from my fedi.absturztau.be account come through?

@koyu Would you mind allowing pinafore.social as a frontend for koyu.space? I used to be able to use koyu.space through it before the switch to whitelisting.

@koyu Is there any way I can check which of my follows are still plumbed through? If not, no problem, as I've already set up a second account for wallowing in the trough of shit that is the wider fediverse.

:thinkhappy:​.oO(wait, that's the entire internet...)

@koyu Signed up, thanks!

...wait, does the wink mean you're trolling me? :thinkhappy:

@koyu @HeartClock08 @genericperson That'd be cool. A niche, retro-ish community (that aren't assholes, which is what I usually find).

@HeartClock08 @koyu @genericperson Oh, that kinda goes back to an old frustration I have with mastodon's format in general: that user-feed-oriented microblogging seems to foster hostility and flippancy more than topic-oriented forums, and seems harder to moderate.

@HeartClock08 I heartily agree, especially with the last bit:

>If you wanna stay away from someone because you had enough, fine. That's understandable. But no need to hate on them and try to make them look "bad" in public. Just forget them and move on.

@aidalgol Yes, and also...
"3 years"? Is this person aware that we all learn everyday of our life but not at the same pace, and that everyone is different?

Everyone can change, no matter how long it takes them to do so. If you wanna stay away from someone because you had enough, fine. That's understandable. But no need to hate on them and try to make them look "bad" in public. Just forget them and move on.

So it seems my instance admin is the target of witch hunting for... not toeing the right lines and being falsely equated with nazis, as far as I can tell.

Guess I need to start sharing this around: youtube.com/watch?v=OjMPJVmXxV

@tyr @kyzh

> We had an argument and that's when I blocked koyu.space

> i didn't know any of that context, i just randomly saw their post today and was like, that seems problematic *block*

Very reasonable and high standard for burning bridges. :10outof10:

fediblock, it's a long one 

@kyzh I just want everyone to know who might read this that I have never expiernced an iota of racism from leonie or koyu space.

They are a wonderful and tolerant instance that appears to have the utmost respect for minorities and LGBT groups.

Lets focus this energy on people who really deserve it and unify, not divide!

videogames and gore 

@olomorn I enjoy some violent videogames, but only when the violence is cartoonish, even if it's gory. Which is not most mainstream games, sadly. I don't like games that go for gritty realism *and* revel in their excessive violence. This is why I like Saints Row 2 (which, BTW, is the only game I have played that has character creation without a gender binary) and Doom (new and old), but not any of the GTA games, or most Ubisoft games. Cartoonish violence can be fun; gritty violence, even when not anatomically correct, just feels icky.

And as for games trying to make some sort of commentary with their realistic violence, you don't even need that to have an impact. That comes from good storytelling, not realistic gore.


“What happens when a medium that communicates largely through violent content becomes obsessed with realism? Traumatic experiences for developers is what happens.

As "AAA" studios achieve evermore believable violence, the artists creating these games are pressured to study the real thing. For years, developers have been poring over authentic imagery involving hangings, stabbings, slaughter and death.

They do this without any psychological guidance or structural care. Rarely are they even warned what they're in for. And as companies like Naughty Dog try to make us feel like we're actually murdering somebody, the question must be asked... who the hell even wants that?”

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