@Kat But they, won't, will they? They're going to make some cryptocurrency, smart-contract monstrosity.

@lynnesbian Our then-PM, of the tory party, was visibly more excited to talk about the Rugby World Cup after the Canterbury Earthquakes, and looked completely uninterested in fixing shit. We still haven't fully recovered from that government's mismanagement of the rebuild.

actually hot wet take re: "going around" uber/lyft 

This is amazing: a recent patch to has introduced a bug (of course) that causes reloading your weapon to make your equipped armour stats drop.


@JordiGH This seems to be pretty common. I think the thinking is that if it was just done right, an open-world game of their favourite franchise would be amazing. See also the glut of early access, open-world, survival, sandbox games on Steam.

@technomancy You can use Swift, but you have to use XCode, not Emacs.

@koyu What is it with you and chicken nuggets?

Also, yes, take a break, for goodness sake!



You awake to find yourself in a damp, dimly-lit room. You soon realise the only light is coming from a CRT monitor. As you approach, a message on the screen comes into focus. It informs you that you must perform a task to earn your freedom. You have a choice of your ordeal:
1) Develop a modern SPA using JavaScript and React,
2) Write a Windows CE application in Visual C++, or
3) Build an iOS application.

@absturztaube Sorry, I never got your first request to be untagged.

@murabito I agree with you on everything except for not having the provision at all. Because 1) people will block entire instances anyway, even if just blackholing at the IP layer, and 2) because there will be valid cases where you need to block an entire domain. Probably mostly banal cases, like spam servers.

@absturztaube @koyu abasturztaube being called nazi is both laughably ridiculous and a sad look at the current state of fedi blocking. if i didn't have my own dimension i would be on absturztaube as my main still for sure. puniko is a great admin, better than most out there by far. the fact he's on block lists at all is baffling to me. it's also stupid blocking instances for federating with other instances. just saying that now because whenever i see myself on a block list it's for something stupid including "federates with nazis". mastodon.social federates with nazis and has more nazis on it than absturztaube or its child instances. the ability to block instances should have never been implemented except for individuals, but letting instances block instances is the most overused moderation tool on the fediverse and it needs to be dialled back 150%.

ok mini rant over thank you for your time :izumithumbsup:

Can anyone recommend a free (libre) software for easily publishing photos, grouped into albums, similar to Flickr? Mastodon is fine for sharing photos as one-offs, but not so good for publishing collections. Is there a Flickr replacement on the fediverse? Like the PeerTube of photography?

@Feuerfuchs @koyu @fw

I'm still amazed that people always shittalk Twitter's awful moderation (which is somewhat true) and then block several hundreds of people on assumptions rather than verifying there's a problem.

*sigh* :<

@fw people thinking it was a good decision to block absturztaube just because the instance is german and uses pleroma which a lot of people seem to associate with nazi bullshit. damn, i'm so over this and this had to be said.

weird-meta post 

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