hey, everyone. the koyu.space shop is now available again. :circlev:

@koyu @aidalgol That looks even better than I was picturing. I could also tweak the render to look betrer on a shirt. The original render was done for a wide banner, and the spacey background is really muted.

@aidalgol @aidalgol it's easier to have it that way so i can just put on a completely black color on the sleeves. i will render the final thing in 20k tho, 4k isn't enough for the design program.

@koyu @aidalgol Ah, got it. Do you think the pattern should extend further up the chest?

@aidalgol @aidalgol i think it looks fine, the viewer should focus on the logo first

@koyu @aidalgol I mean the whole thing, moving the circle up a bit, too.

@aidalgol @aidalgol but yeah, i see, i could improve that a bit. it's a temporary design anyway soo. the problem is that if i move it too far up i have to crop the bottom part of the background. i'll figure that out tomorrow. i'm hella tired and it's almost 4am here.

@koyu Also, sorry for responding from two different accounts. >_<
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