@koyu Signed up, thanks!

...wait, does the wink mean you're trolling me? :thinkhappy:

@aidalgol no, the wink means that this instance is from a friend of mine i already whitelisted hence why you can still talk to koyu.space while you're over there


this instance is from a friend of mine i already whitelisted

ahhh - connecting to the whitelisting reference in an earlier mention.

Probably why I cannot see my own post ?


please whitelist that instance ?

Wrote a lyrical Blog about my new account there.

The new Blog page is now LIVE.


@yann2 @aidalgol muensterland.social is now whitelisted, have fun

@koyu @aidalgol it works.

So, in general, you will only be federating with a certain list ?

@aidalgol @koyu that one is subject to varied FediBlocks brigade blockages....

They suck, those people, the blockers.

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