@aidalgol @genericperson @HeartClock08 i think i made a small mistake when i made koyu.space. now instead growing bigger it is time to make it a "you are my friend" instance. when i started my first social network and koyu.space i didn't realize the purpose of it. i thought that it should grow bigger and bigger, but this is what my old psychologist said to me once about my first social network: "there will be a time for you that you cannot handle it once it grows big enough and why should people like me sign up for it when it's just you and your friends" and that guy was god damn right. i think koyu.space should be a friends-to-friends project now rather than another twitter.

@koyu @aidalgol @genericperson If you think making this instance a "friends-to-friends" place will be better for you, then go ahead.

I don't really know you, but I don't care about what you did or what other people say about you, and I hope that you'll feel better and be happy... ❤️

@aidalgol @koyu @genericperson The problem is that people keep calling it "Twitter", but that's not just Twitter. The bigger a social platform gets, the more kinds of people you will meet there. Both the positive and the negative ones.

The fediverse is like Internet and every social place in general: it is neutral. You will meet people who will be nice to you, but you will also meet others who will try to hurt you. Because that's sadly how the world really is.

@HeartClock08 @aidalgol @genericperson and i know that, but i don't think i have the mental capability to take care of 400k people that were federating with us

@koyu @aidalgol @genericperson And I understand that. I don't think I could do it either, to be honest.

I was actually refering to the "some days, I think "the fediverse" was a mistake" reply.
Unless it was said as in "the fediverse was a mistake for me"?

@HeartClock08 @aidalgol @genericperson all i want is the 2016 mastodon back where people didn't fight over political opinions and just had a good time. i now have other projects to work on now and will keep koyu.space as a side project. and i also have to prepare for having an eventual job, a family, kids or whatever. life is over very fast and i think doing something that truly fullfills me is the way to go.

@koyu @aidalgol @genericperson Unfortunately, sometimes things change permanently and not always for the better.

Just live your life, do what you want to do. Focus on the positive side of things and never forget that you will always have people around who do care about you and want you to be safe and happy.

On a side note, if you need a listener or you just want to talk, feel free to contact me anytime. ❤️

@HeartClock08 @koyu @genericperson Oh, that kinda goes back to an old frustration I have with mastodon's format in general: that user-feed-oriented microblogging seems to foster hostility and flippancy more than topic-oriented forums, and seems harder to moderate.

@aidalgol @HeartClock08 @genericperson i was thinking about making a bbs or irc server at some point 🤔

@koyu @HeartClock08 @genericperson That'd be cool. A niche, retro-ish community (that aren't assholes, which is what I usually find).

@koyu @aidalgol @genericperson @HeartClock08 good take tbh.

I agree about Fedi in general, I don't want to think of myself of an admin first, I'm just a person like everyone else. I try to manage the server and occasionally ban spammers and reset passwords and that's about it, how it should be.

@a7 @HeartClock08 @aidalgol @genericperson thank you <3

but for real, why did eugen gave people such powerful tools at normies at the first place when he knew they get abused

just let me moderate the thing through ssh like a real pleromian

@koyu @HeartClock08 @aidalgol @genericperson oh im using pleroma and im the admin i was just saying it cause you were going on long explanation as to why you do it. I dont think any one gives a shit why you do it in all reality, people block its just how it is, if your block list takes scrolling down the page multiple times its a little long and people are probably gonna ‘witch hunt’ over it aka laugh their asses off.

@a7 @HeartClock08 @aidalgol @genericperson yeah whatever and this is exactly what i was talking about yesterday with a few friends. i think all this bullshittery can just go and stop hence why i disabled publishing my blocklist and went on and will put on a whitelist only mode later that day.

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