Why come onto mastodon and then cross post "retweets" from twitter? Why??!


@aidalgol because the content might be interesting, regardless of medium


@kline I'm only grumbling because everything I've seen crossposted has been rubbish.


@aidalgol follow better people. The fediverse is what you make of it


@kline I also need to mute boosts from certain people.


@aidalgol i remember the migration from livejournal to dreamwidth where crossposting was actively encouraged and facilitated as a way to transition from one platform to the other, the expectation being that you'd eventually wean yourself off of the bad one

but what people hated abt lj was the administration whereas twit is horrible (also) because of the userbase, making such transition methods somewhat less appropriate here

occasionally there is something interesting to share though



> Why come onto mastodon and then cross post "retweets" from twitter? Why??!

i guess if you have clout on birdsite but not here, you're not going to want to go through the grind again.

if they persist (yes, YOU, Doctorow), block them.

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