Does anyone know what happened to ? Wikipedia has only a partial summary of events, and it all seems rather fishy.

This is some graffiti on the wall by a computer store in town.

What are everyone's top games of the decade? Mine are (in no particular order) The Witcher 3, Fallout: New Vegas, The Cat Lady, NieR: Automata.
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I didn't delete and redraft fast enough 😅

While that may be true, take a look at this post. It brings up a lot of other good reasons to abandon Brave.

And this is the toot @thinkprivacy boosted earlier

Interesting proposal.
“Due to the kernel rapidly proceeding down an unstable path, we are planning on implementing a completely new OS derived from several implementations.”

On the infrequent occasion I have to go into an electronics or office-supply store, I scream inside when I overhear the sales reps' smooth talking a customer into buying an overpriced piece of kit, especially when it comes to phones, tablets, and laptops.

@Phaserune there is a spectrum, and free software projects with free software dependencies and free software-driven communities are firmly planted on the far end of that spectrum. There are grey areas, but given that the far end is perfectly viable I'll be staying over there and encouraging others to do the same.

@Phaserune expecting users to run your proprietary software on their own computers is unethical. Doing so because it makes it easier for you to slurp up and sell their data is extremely unethical. Likewise for shuttering APIs and chasing down third-party clients for users who just want to connect on old hardware or without signing over their privacy is unethical. Subverting existing ecosystems of free and open protocols and software with capital-driven questionable marketing tactics and exploitation is unethical. Hoarding user data - which belongs to the user, and not you - and then making them pay you to get it is unethical. Gaslighting open technologies by trying to redefine their terminology to include your proprietary replacements is unethical.

Slack and Discord have both done all of these things and more.

4chan, plague 

Good-natured subtoot 

Super Hexagon by Terry Cavanagh

Nice and simple for killing time in short bursts, but beware the potential for motion sickness.

anime shitpost 

What are everyone's top games of the decade? Mine are (in no particular order) The Witcher 3, Fallout: New Vegas, The Cat Lady, NieR: Automata.
(Tags for good measure: )

Capitalism can only justify labor which profits. Structures or institutions that cannot sufficiently monetize their operations whither and die except on a volunteer basis. Scarcity-immune goods and services, such as digital media, can then only be justified with the introduction of scarcity. A great deal of labor goes into introducing and maintaining scarcity where there is none, which can only exist by taking its own share of the wealth it extracts, cementing this gatekeeping as a shared interest between the owning class and this segment of the working class. Thus ads become a form of rent, the flicker of your eyeballs a form of payment for materials which have no per-use cost, and every plea to disable your ad-blocker comes from a hostage. Because capitalism charges us for survival, we find ourselves obliged to maintain the institutions that keep us employed, for in them we see the only means of living. 

An arms race with *university* surveillance is starting. What a time we live in.

How To (Hypothetically) Hack A University's Surveillance System | Gizmodo

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