people who are really into free/open-source but very anti-socialism are baffling. as are any libertarians over the age of 20.

Buzzword phrase of the day: "value chain optimisation"

trains are predestined to be driven by computers, they basically are already. switches are generally controlled remotely, not by the driver, except sometimes on trams. on high speed lines, signals are being transmitted into the cockpit instead of standing beside the track. pretty much all a train driver has to do nowadays is operate the throttle/brakes and sometimes the doors correctly, and there are systems in place that prevent them from fucking that up. compare that with the huge machine learning with captchas clusterfuck that are computer-driven road vehicles

imagine how far we as a society had come if we focused on improving rail transport INSTEAD OF REINVENTING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND EQUIPPING HIGHWAYS WITH FUCKING CATENARIES FOR BUSES AND TRUCKS



CW your politics. Not doing it because you can't avoid it yourself is a dick move. I'm all for not letting people bury their heads in the sand but ignoring cw's for any reason is shitty and unproductive

Why does anti-canvas-browser-fingerprinting break some payment pages? What the hell are these checkout systems doing that they need to monkey around with the canvas??

@koyu Oh, also I hereby release this under the CC-BY license.

Now I need somewhere to upload project files, because BlendSwap's ToS grants them the CC license to your work.

@koyu wave final render. The stars are very subtle at that scale.

@koyu I just realised you missed the opportunity to add :buncryblood: for Halloween. (:buncry: but weeping blood)

@koyu I this is shaping a bit nicely. Maybe add a spacey starry background?

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