So, Google fired their star AI ethics researcher Dr. Timnit Gebru after she tried to publish a paper demonstrating that Google’s BERT natural language model is unethically biased along gender and racial lines and not fit for use. It sounds like Google squashed the paper because it found the contents “objectionable”, and is claiming that Gebru chose to resign instead of being fired.

they call it open street map but some of those streets are closed :thonk:

sexuality politics 

why do people think it's ok to be actively against straight people
that's EXTREMELY cringe
y'know people don't choose that, right? would you just prefer nobody ever gets born?

"There’s Still No Viable Open Source Business Model"


SourceHut proves this wrong. Every single line of code we've written is open source, since day one. There are no periodic code dumps, no prototyping in private, no open core with paid extensions. We accept patches from the public. Our company is 100% bona-fide open source.

We've been profitable for 2 years, and our profit margin continues to grow. We published our Q3 financial report last week:

It's still early, and we're still small. We did not take on any outside investments, either. But the model works. You CAN make money in open source.

dude it's fucking epic when there's a question about linux or open source shit on tests and exams

Waifu2x is pretty cool. I never really used it for removing noise before, and it turned out great.

DRM is one of those technologies that I literally Do Not Get. like lets be 100% clear here, DRM does literally nothing to prevent piracy. if I want to watch a movie for free I can enter "watch (movie name) free online" in google and then watch the movie for free. same for songs. so... why?

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