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It's signal a good alternative to WhatsApp or Telegram? 🤔

Instalé (finalmente) una aplicación para Koyu Space y es muchísimo mejor que usar el acceso directo de Google.

I was calm in my room and out of nowhere my younger sister came in to tell me "so are you going to the movies? Wow Sofi, I didn't know you had more than one friend"

Excuse me?!? I have been brutally attacked by a 7 year old girl, I was anhiquiladed jsksjsk☝🏽😭

I'm going to the cinema after 4 years.

I didn't even notice it have been so long since the last time I went :what:

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So, we have officially entered the heavy rainy season and that means waking up every day with the house full of termites, from the bathrooms to the bed. That also means I'll have to sweep up a pound of termite wings and carcasses every night because they die on their own out of nowhere. Venezuela is naturally beautiful and diverse, but sometimes I wish that diversity didn't just burst into my house, for God's sake.

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We hardly talk about one of the Antarctic's most important species, but their kingdom is under threat from climate change and... if it collapses, it would be disastrous for the entire Antarctic ecosystem. Wild to think about, so I wrote about the scientists trying to save that kingdom from falling to ruin.


Expensive healthcare 

I have to get $100 for my medical exams and medications. My mom's salary is $20 a month. All the monthly fees for my brothers' schools are $120. I hate this.

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WHY is formatted text the default when copying??? never in my ENTIRE LIFE have i wanted to preserve the COLOUR of the text i have copied! and *definitely* not the size!!

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Newbie questions:
1) Can I follow an entire other instance so it shows up in home/local or a list?
2) is there a way to turn a pinned search into a list so I can view it on mobile?
3) When using the mobile site I can't seem to find the search option.
Any help is appreciated :) Also open to any tips and tricks!

illness, flu (I hope) 

I have so many pains at the same time that I didn't know it was possible, thank heaven they are not very strong, but they are many and all different. They made me take about 8 different pills and none of them worked.

I hope they can take me to the doctor soon because, dear God, it hurts.

How am I supposed to be functional like this? 😣

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know anything about federated networks and their relationship with the environment?, I would like to read some information about it if it exists.

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Sometimes I think in write poetry by the moment I feel something that I consider powerful, a very strong emotion, but then I see the white paper and start felling everything I think about moments ago dissapers, and it does, then I don't write nothing.

That leads me to think in which make my ideas so weak, and what can I do to solve that, because I want create things that can be remembered and not only seen once for then dissapers.

And that's difficult, but I consider things that are difficult to reach give results more enjoyable most of the time, so it's a risk that I would like to take someday.

To try to make something that can be remembered in a good way.

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Pues les voy dejando por acá mi novela de fantasía oscura, es autopublicada. Así que denle mimo, porfa. Está gratis en Lektu, en el formato que más les apetezca. #fantasía #escritura #lectura

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