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So, I'm gonna post some photos that I've take and I really like. This is the way I introduce myself here, have a great day!

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My birthday is Saturday the 18th and I will just turn 18, so I mentioned it to my teacher and as a good mathematician after congratulating me, he told me:

"18 and 18, if you add the digits 1 + 8 it gives 9, now pay attention if you multiply 18 x 18 they are 324, if we add the digits of 324, 3 and 2 are 5 and 4 are 9. Look how curious".

It is something curious. Although I admit that I was hoping he would tell me that it coincided with some ancient ritual or event as well as in the movies 🙏🏽😔

the test that I mentioned had been waiting for a long time and that everything pointed to it being in July, now it is likely to be carried out in October. But I don't care, if fate doesn't want me to study medicine it will have to put up with it because I do want to and I'm going to present the blessed admission test even if I have to do it at 30 :dahling_sweat:

there is something that calms me a lot in Rises the Moon by Liana Flores, it is a beautiful song but I think what really moves me about it is that it feels like a lullaby, something you would listen to go to sleep after worrying too much about something.

Today at dawn the daughter of my cousin sister was born. I'm officially an aunt and cousin! jjsksjs

I found an Open source app for time tracking called Appa but it doesn't work for what I want, it tracks time perfectly but you have to set a specific date to finish each task and I'm looking for one that allows me to set a fixed schedule to perform certain tasks, track the time it takes me to do them, put a limit on that time, and spread those tasks out over the week.

And surprisingly I still can't find one that works for me. Open source or not.

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Listen to an audio book. There are lots of public domain ones here:

I have been preparing for almost a year now to present a test to be able to study. The university announced yesterday at this time the test that precedes it, that means that the announcement of the test that I am waiting for can be at any time.

I waited for this for a long time but now I am very nervous and all I want is more time to study, I am happy but distressed :night:

A very random fact about me is that my birth certificate it's number 666 jsksks

Twitter, panfobia, digital harassment 

all these days in the application of the little blue bird there has been an avalanche of hatred towards the people of the mspec (pan, poly, omni, +) and honestly, although it is common to see it for me, I will never get used to it. I hope that here I don't have to suffer the same harassment that I have suffered in other places just because of my sexual orientation, because so far everything has been very calm for me here. I'm taking it as my safe space these days.

University stuff 

University - *several years behind in cohorts, lots of tests pending from promotions before mine, needs about $17 million to fix everything that needs to be done to get it up and running again in good condition, it's across the country in a state where I have no family and no place to go*

Me last year: What if I mess with her? 😍

And here I am still waiting to take the blessed psychological test to be able to claim my quota, and even if I pass it, I have to wait 1-2 more years to start studying.

Ah, but the girl wanted to study medicine in Venezuela, right?

It would be so good if Instagram filters didn't make me white, I just want freckles, I like my color the way it is 🙏🏽😔

sometimes I think that the best thing I can do is try to get other people interested in learning, but again, I can't give them much information because I don't even know where to get it. that's frustrating 🚶🏽‍♀️

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But Warao is difficult to learn. In the case of Wayuunaiki, some classes can be obtained thanks to the Wayuu people's own efforts, but languages ​​such as Warekena, Kurripako, Lokono, Bari, Ye'kuana, Kuiva, Yukpa, Yanomami, Kariña and several others are much more difficult to learn from lack of information. And that's horrible, because they are beautiful languages ​​of quite interesting cultures that are dying. I don't like feeling like I can't do anything to help prevent that from happening.

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Of all the indigenous languages ​​that I know, Warao is the one that interests me the most, perhaps because beyond the stories that I had the opportunity to read and listen to in their own language, they also have communities in my state that I used to visit as a child to see their artistic works, mainly basketry (I have a couple of baskets that are more than a decade old that, in addition to being beautiful, are extremely resistant), and of course, I was amazed by everything I saw, and I still am.

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When I was little I had the story of sekesekeima in Spanish and Warao and I read it over and over again, that made me very interested in the languages ​​and cultures of the people native here. But as much as I search, I can never find more than a couple of dictionaries with a few words and that's it. No one to teach, no material to use, just bits and pieces here and there but nothing really useful for study.

Mentions of emigration 

there are so many songs that make me so nostalgic, I grew up listening to them and although I haven't left the country, most of my family and friends have, so listening to them not only reminds me of them, but also of my childhood and all the places I consider part of my home.

and obviously I'm going to share several of them because I tend to share almost everything, God knows why. This is Tonada del Cabestrero and it is one of my favorites 👀

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