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@andyglover hi there! You must share 🔄 the post before you can access the server

It could be that we have launched a BetterMinecraft server under Fabric? 🤔​ It could be... :awesome_rotate:

🔁​​ You must share this post and reply with your Minecraft username to be whitelisted, you will have access to the server within a day.

:gamepad:​ For more information and instructions on how to download mods and Minecraft Fabric: zecircle.xyz/#minecraft

We are going to set up a Forge server, which of these modpacks would you prefer to be implemented?

Don't hesitate to suggest others modpacks or single mods in the comments.

@ADHDefy The question is whether we are re-establishing an old server that already existed or whether we are re-establishing one from scratch, and if so, which version, mods, etc.

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:trophy: has made the advancement Getting an Upgrade

:skull_crossbones: was slain by Spider and didn't drop anything.

:skull_crossbones: drowned and didn't drop anything.

:skull_crossbones: was blown up by Creeper and didn't drop anything.

:skull_crossbones: fell from a high place and didn't drop anything.

:skull_crossbones: fell from a high place and didn't drop anything.

:skull_crossbones: was slain by SKOOLBITS and didn't drop anything.

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