How and why do you use Keybase?

I don't want an official feature list, I want to know, what you specifically use it for.

I already feel like I have way too many messaging apps set up. I know that Keybase has a lot more features than just chat, but I want to know, how many of those features are gimmicky and which are actually useful.

I hate the language that myself and many other people use, it feels so simplistic and dumbed-down compared to what it should sound like
I wish we could stop speaking like literal cavemen but all languages that I know of seem to be unsalvagable at this point
I'm willing to start using Old English or something archaic like this if only it could improve what I refer to as the "flowerness" of our daily speech

imagine actually finishing your projects instead of working on like three projects at the same time and finishing none

Mastodon and Fediverse Welcome to New Members

And some Guides, as there's much to learn, enjoy here. I love the LifeHacker guide mentioned below, it is wonderful - reread it not long ago, highly recommend it.

Mastodon is not all that this new space has to offer -- it's only one of the platforms here.

There are others, and it's quite an interesting place. Read the manuals, find your route, enjoy diff places - like when we travel, our instances here are like the local Cafés I so enjoy visiting abroad.

Guides Recommendations :

What a beautiful day to waste on tedious coding

Buffer management alone, vim is a better text editor than emacs. I'll keep you updated

Since I found out, how to change the color scheme for Dark Reader, I finally have Solarized Dark (almost) everywhere. I don't know why this is so satisfying to me, but if there's one thing I learned this year, it's that you gotta enjoy the little things.

IoT is the epitome of the "you can, but should you?" question tbh

What does it even mean to be "you"? Introductions usually include things like hobbies, job/field of study, media that you consume, but does that define me as a person? I had a lot of luck in my life, so my level of conscientiousness only gets me so far. I'm also lucky to be interested in computer science and growing up in a country that helped me get the education I crave, with little dependence on my parents liking my choices. I dunno what else to write, I always have a hard time introducing myself as you can see😅​

no this is pretty good
however vim is amazing :blobcat:

I hate computers way too much for a person who studies computer science and works with computers

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