It's not that I'm this big philosopher and you people are missing out or I'm on FBI's most wanted, but I don't want to think about it that much. I want to feel free enough to get as personal as possible/endurable without somebody in my personal life being able to map this account to me, neither person or government. I always imagine some coworker I'm not that comfortable with, knowing all those very personal things about me that I wouldn't want them to know.

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I'm in this weird limbo using this account. I'd like to post more, especially about opinions, thoughts, personal struggles and so on, that I usually don't talk about that much openly. Every time I want to though, I think about each post making it easier to personally identify me in the long run. I don't want all these sometimes personal things I post, suddenly being matched with my person. Maybe I'm just too paranoid, but things like mentioning your birthday and home country can add up.

I don't like Facebook and such plastering this message of "We don't sell your data" everywhere, without repercussions. While it's technically true, it's intentionally misleading, because people don't necessarily understand what it doesn't mean.

• Hi! I'd like to offer some cheap commissions during my free summertime.

• 5 EUR for a head'n'torso with some minimal background, no nsfw!

• Any character is fine: #FFXIV, #GuildWars2, #OriginalCharacter, yourself.

• Feel free to DM me here or email me at for whatever you need; I'll post right below if I close slots.


(reposts are very much appreciated!)

#digitalart #mastoart #art #drawing #krita #painting

Review of "The Time Traveler's Wife By Audrey Niffenegger" (4 stars): Surprisingly good story that's not too corny

What does it mean if you don't have impostor syndrome, even though you probably should have? *insert "are you even good enough to have impostor syndrome" meme*

@thebiologist1117 Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Most of our actions aren't chosen, they're a reaction.

Review of "Die Ermordung des Commendatore 02" (5 stars): Don't trust my judgement on this, I like Murakami books too much

I fell victim to the workification of games: I'm playing No Man's Sky (again).

I feel stupid doing virtual tasks, just so I can buy virtual goods, to have a bigger and better virtual vehicle, all after coming home from my real job, but not living that kind of materialistic lifestyle. I guess I'm just compensating? 🤔

The game got better by a lot since release tho 🙃

🇺🇦, bundle

There are famous games like Celeste, Bleed, Minit, Baba is you, Superhot, 2064: Read Only Memories, Night Call, Bury me my love, Cook Serve Delicious 2, Towerfall Ascension...

And tons of other good games (not necessarily as famous), and not just games (though it's 60% video games and 30% tabletop RPG games)

Unless you don't like the cause, it's a very good deal

@stux Hey, did you figure out my wallet problem on creapaid? had an issue with data loss, as you might have heard, so I don't know if you got back to me about anything 😅​ My wallet is still empty though

Is somebody here using Fedora or OpenSUSE? How are they, compared to Arch(+EndeavourOS, Manjaro) and Debian derivatives like Ubuntu, Mint and so on? I love the AUR (been using it for years now), but I'd like something more stable that I don't have to tinker with. I'm annoyed by apt and the amount of important packages and programs it is missing but I don't like having to fix something every now and again after an update. Especially on a computer that is used for work.

Review of "Embrace your weird : face your fears and unleash creativity" (3 stars): Am I out of touch? Am I getting old and grumpy? 😱

I feel like us 20-something fediverse users should form an online club. We could talk about stuff like job searching, books to read, comparing life in different parts of the world, aesthetics, projects, etc. Feel free to boost or message me if that interests you.

Is there a FOSS service (app and/or website) to save movies and series but also save the progress in episodes? I can't find anything that does all in one, just parts of it.

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