Why is it someone I rather fancy and who I know is at least somewhat interested in me has to live on the other side of the country lol

fuckers havent watched Star Trek The Next Generation (which had an Empath as a main character and showcased Empathy as a super power very well) and it shows

Just two wolves enjoying a snowy day, one of them found a very fashionable red hood and decided to wear it

Found some remains when working today, I think it’s a whitetail deer but am not completely certain

Reminder to keep your dogs on a leash, be a responsible pet owner or I will yell at you

Someone I am attracted to just called me handsome, literally melting rn

I love how by simply existing i infuriate bigots, really fuels me you know?

@Touchdownbane Absolutely all of this. People ultimately hate and fear what they can't control, even as much as they also are enamored with it. People fascinated with trying to own a wolf as a pet are the other side of the same coin.

Whenever I refer to myself as Bi I get this warm feeling in my chest and smile a little, man I love this

It always astounds me just how much people hate and fear wolves. They are truly wonderful animals that as so so vital to the ecosystem, they help keep down deer moose and elk populations, which allow forests and low lying shrubbery to flourish, and prevent disease from spreading in ungulate population keeping them healthy and thriving. Our fate and the fate of all wildlife in North America is intrinsically tied with wolves, and they deserve our protection

Today is the 77th anniversary of the Antifa Beach Party

To whomever is shooting off fireworks, please stop my dog is scared

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