Searching for people who still play Overwatch to befriend!
Didn't touch the game for a year

i think i’m tough but then see my side profile in the mirror and I 😐⚰️

My shitty friends stopped talking to me, they weren't good but still better than nothing

Now I have no one lol

all these movies/books/tv shows about technology that can make it possible for u to live forever and basically be immortal by uploading ur consciousness into another body like… who cares… let me upload my consciousness into some fungi and experience what a mycelial network feels like..
let me upload into some creature that can explore the deep sea. yea i’ll probably get eaten and die immediately but that’s my problem

I'm almost deaf, so i always choose the original language (most of the times eng) + english subtitles so I think it's gonna be easy for almost everyone

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btw im thinking about hosting some movie/tv show nights on Discord because I have Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ and I feel particularly generous
if someone's interested add me!

(no VPN, so you'll get the Italian catalogue for every platform)

The fan in my gaming laptop (don't judge me I move a lot) broke and now Im starting to feel the league of legends withdrawal symptoms (or maybe it's because I stopped smoking tobacco)

Tomorrow's a working day and I regret starting that tv show because I can't finish it tonight damn

How am I supposed to get my driver's license if I suffer of extreme carsickness

*pulling a kazoo from my pocket* anyway, here’s wonderwall

My boobs got imperceptibly bigger???
Like I don't really notice but my small sport bras do

Nightly titsposting

Everyone says I have no hobbies because they don't know about my silly little wlw fanfictions for kids show...
Idk I think that writing things about young gay people in a way that even the younger ones can understand it's neat
Wish I had similar stories and ways to know more about myself and the LGBT community when I was just a lil dude

I literally have no idea how mastodon works and at this point I'm too afraid to ask
I'm just tired of twitter

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