Interesting - I went from Apache -> Nginx about 10 years ago... never looked back.

My new camera works! Lidar built in -- left is the color buffer, right is the depth buffer.

You hate how computers don't work? That's capitalism, hubris, skewed incentives and impatience on the part of us people who make the software and the people who tell those people what to make.

It affects proprietary software, corporate-driven open source and community-driven free software or cooperative software/technology, but in decreasing severity as you go toward the cooperative/free software end of the scale.

Proprietary software has anti-features, especially VC-driven or megacorp software. Cooperative software might have them, but only if it mistakenly copies them from proprietary software or if it needs to adapt to proprietary software. There is no incentive to add them otherwise.
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Most people never read terms of service - but even when they do, "agreements" are subject to unilateral "renegotiation" by companies that engineered high switching costs as a means of corralling you into clicking "I agree" to things no rational person would *ever* agree to.

Consent theater lays bare the fiction of agreement. Real agreement is based on negotiation, and markets are based on price-signals in which buyers and sellers make counteroffers.


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"Bloomberg today released a report on how companies like #Apple, #Microsoft, #Amazon and #Google are working together to put a stop to laws that would make it necessary for companies to provide device schematics, genuine repair parts and repair manuals to independent repair technicians."

proprietary (no source code included) s/w is like supermarket packaged goods without ingredients label. And you know how bad that would be.

It's not that everybody reads the list of ingredients, but that *anybody* could, & that organisations can randomly sample to confirm the list adds up.

We need this for software just as much as food:

- 20% evil, sends data to Google
- 38% screwed, displays adware based on that data
- 17% previous purchases shared with Amazon
- 26% audio history to Apple

Wow, I get really frustrated when I see FOSS communities falling for Microsoft's "pro open source" PR spin - note, they never say anything positive about Copyleft (the "F" in #FOSS). They are no friends of FOSS - they're a parasite. Microsoft loves OSS like a tapeworm loves a healthy digestive system - exploiting what others produce for their own (proprietary) self-interest.

What's wrong babe, you've barely eaten your MGS3 canned snake meat

Did you know that you can convert your lawn into an organic garden to help you both save money on groceries and help feed the hungry in your local communities?

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