name of the language spoken by the people in Moloch's worldbuilding

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"its like if noita's and doom's title screens had a good time"
- someone, commenting on this

currently pretending that opentoonz is not a software for designing writing systems

im definitely using opentoonz for its intended purpose (designing conlangs was not its intended purpose)

Person 1: "[thing] no offense"
Person 2: "I take full offense actually"
Person 1: "Fine, take another one for free."

sun (also a thousand other suns but you cant see most of those)

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attempted to draw lips on the right side one. i've actually never done that. yes, she has two thumbs.

an artist i followed on twitter turned out to support NFTs and now i'm just sad lmao

and also worry all my loved ones whenever i start phineasferbsplaning, causing them to wonder why i am such an expert in This Particular Topic

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my goal in life is to know so much about phineas and ferb that when dan povenmire's making the next phineas and ferb movie he will ask me for help with the plot

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