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because i for some reason haven't done this:

I'm Katie Ampersand! I make a bunch of stuff, some of which is hopefully cool! Some of it is here, some of it is on my website (, and some of it is still in my head but I'm trying to get it out of there before the end of my lifetime

I don't make one single type of , but most of what I make is , , and , but I try to reach beyond those mediums

I hope the stuff I make is neat!

my Stranger Eons concept drawings kinda blew up and now im getting followers which i think is cool and i hope y'all enjoy the shitshow that is my art

murder, blood 

come on its a silly dream
Dreaming of the imagery unfound
the view sits nice from that cloud

His haircut is a mess because it was done by the character on my previous drawing

I'm having a webcomic idea with the character I posted last night now has a command to push directly to neocities. i also improved its help command, and i'm quite proud of it

i scream because i know why the caged bird sings

This was not the correct way to beat Stanley, and Mario knew it perfectly well. Perhaps he wanted to go the employee lounge.

tempted to get Kevan Brighting for the example page

It's so hard for me to understand that SEO is a thing that functions. Like people see those titles and want to click on them. They just make me feel disinterest, and it's such a Meh thing that it's hard to imagine it being otherwise to anyone

i just added a feature to because i needed it but then i forgot what i needed it for

friends and i are talking about the concept of zhan vtubers and now i want to draw something about it

soviet russia be like: 

i am at tom scott

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