story-ish worldbuilding-y image my brain gave me:

a girl who lives off scavenged stuff and finding canned food in an abandoned city seeing distant fireworks

im probably just salty because i just opened godot and accidentally closed it right after opening it, but still

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man i hate mice, its always so easy for me to misclick everything. i feel like mice are only good for aiming in games or to like, draw or something, and there could be a better way to do everything else

for some reason and appear as trending on my thingy so i feel like this is a nice moment to mention my (unfinished) webcomic (that i will come back to once i have the energy to continue it), Survivor's 9-Step Guide To Conquering The Multiverse which i made in krita.


Show thread i found something cool that once i lose i wont find again because i dont speak japanese

but also, in laiqbun, <x> is /dz/ so maybe it should be dzor and dznor????????

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i just realized that me pronouncing XOR as (SOH-R) means that XNOR is SNOR and i am happy with this. i've been doing things right all along

the best part is that this isn't unintended behavior

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It's interesting how new spells and new room models can make Moloch runs noticeably much more interesting. I really want to focus 0.10 on that

i found keyoxide and impulsively did a thing

this is probably not a good behavior to have but i have more things than i did before now

SO in a discord server im in, someone showed the chicken game image. an image with a chicken that says that you lose if you look at the chicken

there's two people there who need glasses, and my left eye sees things blurry past a certain distance

so we just used that to our advantage, and i think that is really cool

playing moloch is now more fun than working on it someone help

moloch, aka "wtf that shouldve broken my legs: the game"

really excited about the fact that the next Moloch release (ignoring potential maintenance releases) will be 0.10. A whole dozen already.

broke: i have no money
woke: my sleep has ended

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