Guess I moved the laiqbun dictionary from google spreadsheets to its own web page, woo (?)

Mention of Covid 

so someone made a language that's entirely based on dna chains, and now we're translating Covid to it.

The first sentence was an "artistic, bad, coordinated, solid, sideby, in-front sound" (but as a verb)

which sounds about right.

okay uh i've never like. touched anything related to making android apps, but im gonna make an android app entirely made as if it had been made by someone from my conculture

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piracy levels are 94% and rising

(94%) ■■■■■■■■■□

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Congratulations, 2020, you are now in ! 🎉🎉🎉|

Congratulations, Larceny League Blaseball on Discord, you are now in !


Congratulations cake I just ate, you are now in ! 🎉🎉🎉🎉


Congratulations, nachos that I am eating, you are now in !

Congratulations, 12 slices of pizza that I just ate, you are now in !

disclaimer: despite heavily using predicate logic, laiqbun is not a loglang, this comparison is only made because haha funni

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pei kkaui kkym sha na roq kka laiqbun (kye laiq pou sha kka gy nye) dy gyn zheeku sha my banluo geau dy

[A friend of mine made this thing about laiqbun (conlang i made) and I feel very complimented by it]

*converst this on my account for laiqbun stuff*

this has become the space in which i talk about how much i hate networking huh

related to my last post

me: *promises herself to never touch networking again*
me rn: *making a fighting game for me and my friends instead of making my normal project*

i hate myself, huh?

(screenshot related)

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imagine actually finishing your projects instead of working on like three projects at the same time and finishing none

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Taking my pickax into the man cave to mine some man
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