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the ready player one Apocalypse:
is when the word is collapsing from any number of otherwise solvable world ending events but everyone is more interested in fighting over access to VR.

are you actually kidding me, minute earth just did a piece about the importance of checking sources sponsored by the gaia dame rand corporation. WTF?!

voting today ✨ electoral democracy is dead but I know the gay the libdems are running so I guess I am swallowing my pride and voting. ✨ hears hoping I don't massively regret voting for the libdems again ✨

I now have a little bag of batteries, word of warning for anyone else that wants to harvest lil batteries from discarded vapes. they might not be fully discharged, I now also have burns on my fingers. please be careful.

I didn't really believe anyone when they told me but these disposable vapes do actually have little lithium batteries in them. OMFG that is such a bad use of lithium.

ew ew ew someone is cooking bacon, I can't stand the smell of bacon.

why are office chairs all so expensive and look so uncomfortable? £200? it doesn't even have neck support.

crushing this work thing today, not even fallen asleep once. pressing buttons in some kind of order. call me the business person.

basically just finished a fresh install of with i3. its honestly a pretty pleasant default theme and I am feeling smug that I still remember how to use I3.

✨getting matching tattoos with my sister ✨ so excited ✨

doing a lot better since I met up with my sister, been walking around Winchester trying new restaurants and getting bubble tea ✨

I am at the airport waiting for the cupcake Vending machine to be re stocked.

we drove past a delivery robot waiting at the curb to cross! it was so cute it looked like a little pink mood rover crossed with a cooler!

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it genuinely feels as wrong headed as mixing up the data and the salt in a cryptographic function.

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incoherent ranting 

it's hard for me to put into words how aggravating I find the notification that I or any human was at some point a sperm. leaving aside the fact that we know it takes 2 gametes to construct a person and the fact neither gamete contains the mechanics necessary to host a mind. why in the ever loving fuck do some people attache their identities to the simpler gamete? if I am forced to attach my identity to a gamete it's the egg, the part that actually subdivides into a person. all sperm does is provide some genetic information to shuffle your genome so we aren't all clones. you can literally make a person out of 2 eggs but no amount of sperm will ever amount to more then a mess.

it is a surreal experience when a YouTube video is interrupted by an add and the add is narrated by the same YouTuber as the video it interrupted.

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