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the ready player one Apocalypse:
is when the word is collapsing from any number of otherwise solvable world ending events but everyone is more interested in fighting over access to VR.

MrWhostheboss out here shinning a little on the shoe shopper to nike stan pipe line.

alarm set for 11:11. toast notification "alarm set for 11 hours from now". baseline drops.

deterministic in principle but not in practice. feels like my mantra.

things that are nice: soft drinks, chocolate, tea, chewing gum, energy drinks.
Things I can’t have anymore: see previous list.

even hot chocolate I am honestly going to cry.

Companies that advertise “data rollover” like it’s a feature make me really nervus. For one I already paid for that what do you mean there is a chance it will just disappear a month from now? They still don’t even let you keep what you paid for because data roll over actually means “if you pay us for more, we will let you keep some of what you already paid for”. Capitalism was a shitty system before it was pushed passed every logical exception.

Crypto currency is an MLM and there is nothing anyone can do to convince me otherwise. like all of it, even the jokes like doge coin got sucked into the scam.

I don't know why I thought Isaac Arthur would have anything intelligent to say about hypothetical moneyless future society. he really gets lost in the weeds working out his personal bug bears with star trek and debate me bro bullshit like conflating sentimental positions with consumerism.

I am having a hard time processing the CCP military parade vaporware video. did they make that? is it a joke? what is happening?

not even firefox spell checking is working under windows. WTF how?

I don't understand how after all these years microsft is still this bad at UX. I don't even understand how they managed it.

I think it's existentially important that we effectively replaced a lot of paperwork with moving around colourful blocks and Virtual post it notes and it didn't get any less boring or tedious.

I really like that a bunch of franchise are now stocking vegan foods in their menus but I really really dislike that dominos puts stickers on all their vegan food that say "warning vegan food, may cause allergies" like no fuck you I am eating it because all of your other food gives me allergies but I don't see any stickers on that.

I just realized the massive glaring flaw in one drive, like Microsoft didn't do any QA testing on their implementation at all levels of glaring flaw.

when OneDrive backs up your documents folder it also includes all the worthless system generated files my documents always gets filled with and one of the big reasons I never used the my documents folder.

I mean obviously they did think it through because there are "upgrade to premium" buttons everywhere. so it's safe to say they knew it was a problem and just decided that broken / badly made software is something people would pay them to fix instead of just using a different service. but then that is Microsoft's whole business model.

huh, Halo Master chef collection doesn't produce a window so if you minimize it there is no way to re open it.

"plain white background color of screens to make your app looks cool"

yes hello is this the police, someone is wrong on the internet again.

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