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the ready player one Apocalypse:
is when the word is collapsing from any number of otherwise solvable world ending events but everyone is more interested in fighting over access to VR.

uk politics 

there is this line from a recent episode of the news quiz (a satirical UK news show) that I used to like (went the same way everything under the BBC has gone) that perfectly underlines what is wrong with stamers labor.

"I keep my labor card next to my waitrose card in my wallet so I never forget who I really am".

thinking about writing a masto bot in rust but also can't think of a good reason to besides that I want to.

this lychee vape is neat and all but its making me wish I had actual lychees.

I am convinced there is a conspiracy involved in my apparent inability to buy energy drinks in anything but 500 ml. I am so past it I don't even drink energy drinks anymore why does this still bother me.

anyone else notice that "we can't do anything about climate change" and "we should just live with covid" follow the same beats? like "there is no point locking down, unless every nation locks down" and "there is no point doing anything about climate collapse because china/ the third world will just drown out efforts". I am sure it can't be because both attitudes stem from the same defeated nihilism and intellectual dishonesty respectively.

I remember when the iPhone first came out and my immediate reaction was "I don't want to use a tough screen, feed back is important and I like being able to turn my MP3 player on by touch instead of having to pull it out of my pocket add look at it" and I still think that. touch screens are still bad, I honestly wish anyone manufactured phones with physical keyboards still.

I just want to turn off my podcast when I am falling asleep without having to shine a light in my eyes. RIP physical controls. I miss you every day.

for anyone wondering it breaks into a grid at one point because I broke the image up and rendered it on threads.

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super pleased with myself, took the time for this project projects delta time down to less then 2 sectors from more then 10. threads really are magic.

IDK if this rust implementation is also PIL deep down but it also uses put so I guess I am the one that thought I was smarter then everyone else.

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all I have going on in my brain right now is mean things to say about python.

all I am trying to do is draw gradients to a canvas but the math lib returns the wrong data type for the image processing lib so I have to wrap every function in a conversation and map from a very specific float class only used in this math lib to an int because apparently just dropping the bits I don't care about is just to informal for fucking python. why do you have to be like this python?

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every time I use python I end up frustrated that it wont let me just specify things but is also aggravatingly picky about what types it will allow to do what. it doesn't work both ways, making programming languages more accessible just makes them less useful. GDSCRIPT, still manages to be the only exception to that rule some how.

I am going back to my cleanly typed languages that don't ask me to guess what data type is being returned or dig through 3 different versions of the documentation to find what type a function returns for no good reason.

gods I hate standard math notation. I understand the math, its not complicated I. JUST. CAN'T. READ. THIS. NOTATION.

it makes looking for really simple information a huge pain.

what kind of convention is put? we have set for a reason stop being difficult python-pillow you aren't smarter then everyone else.

and if you don't want to journal that's fine as well. carry a hard cover and hit people with it when they tell you that you should be journaling.

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I got into journaling before the end of the year and only found out about then that's its a whole self help industry with pages and pages of "modules" you can include in your journaling... I honestly don't know program I guess? not to mention specially printed books and just... no wonder people bounce off journaling if they are having all that high energy garbage pushed up their brain holes. fuck the system, journal however you like, write your own rules for what it means to journal. then break all of them. fight the power, its literally your thoughts written down in your book and nobody else on earth has any authority over how you journal or what value you get out of it.

and if someone tells you otherwise hit them with your journal.

T*RFs and Tumblr 

be super cool if I could use the internet without being shat on by aggressive dude bros or harassed by "feminists". the only place that isn't shit is the fedi.

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T*RFs and Tumblr 

I take it back the rot is still there and the GC transphobes have apparently branched out into homophobia aswel (like we didn't see that coming). I just wanted to look at funny posts but instead I get "did you know gay men are actually evil for being closeted?!".

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