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the ready player one Apocalypse:
is when the word is collapsing from any number of otherwise solvable world ending events but everyone is more interested in fighting over access to VR.

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There is this project I only just discovered called JS-DOS, apparently it's from 2014 so I am super late to the party but its still really impressive to me. Plus looking over the github it's still being maintained which is really cool to see.

reddit post: "hay look how much space could be saved if we used public instead of private transport"

top comment: "yah that's grate, assuming the bus goes near your house and destination"

congratulations. you just described the point of buses.

the thing I really want to see though is alternative screens like the form factor on the current screen is good I would just really like to replace it with one of those fuller screen looks given its going for on screen buttons anyway.

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at some point fair phone put out updated camera modules for the fair phone 3 and honestly its really cool to see them following through.

Vaguely political rambling 

every now and again I will be sitting there having a great time but then my brain remembers that Turing did pretty much the most any person could ever possibly do for their nation and they killed him anyway. don't be a chump, nationalism is a death cult.

I have been printing my own vape... box? nibs and they whistle a bunch when I don't want them to. so me and all the no understanding of fluid dynamics I have is putting a sort of abscess in the nip because that is something I have seen in other nibs and can't just be for saving plastic right?

I gotta admit, it the field of expensive limited electronics I am not buying the XBOX X or whatever they are calling it really edges out the PS5 being able to float ping pong balls on it's vent.

I found a bug in the English language. the word sole can also be written soul and depending can either mean the bottom of someone's feet or the center of embodied experience.

this should be fixed in the next patch.

honestly I was excepting it to give me more nausea given its a game about moving really fast around 3D space but even the weird screen splitting didn't make me nauseous.

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