hmm, might start workin on RE2make challenge run, not sure which or if I am just gonna combine

Oh boy, there's way too much exciting gaming related stuff rn :ablobfoxhyper:

Lately I have mood for horror games for some reason

Reasons to choose Mastodon.Coffee as your home instance:

- We love Coffee as much as you
- Seriously, we have coffee on our DNS
- The best rolling emojis :catroll:
- We care about your privacy
- Profile ceffefication :coffefied:
- No cryptobros
- Did I tell you about our relation with Coffee?
- A cat as admin, manager and overlord
- The best sailor scout working part-time as mod
- Not a single Elon Musk

IIt's important to note that Masto (and the fediverse) is not an 'alternative Twitter'. It's an entirely different platform that has its own unique culture. We don't chase likes or follows or popularity, we don't present as brands or 'personalities'. We care about each others' personal lives and wholesome engagement on a more individual level.

If you're going to use a Masto to Twitter crossposter, please keep this in mind, and ideally, cross post from here to there, and not there to here.

and now I can't unhear how crispy the og sound effects in Doom are

So there's source port of Doom called Woof! and it's developed by the dev behind Crispy Doom. Damn how did I forgot this?

Well, today I feel smort. Thanks Doom cheatcodes.

Doom is one of those games that I can always come back to and just have fun

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