best buy couldnt do jack, brought it to a mom and pop shop instead.

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Bitches say they’re scared of clowns but still have mirrors all over their house

ok we got: kpop idol stans, jpop stans, but also the ANIME IDOL STANS, THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT

my dog to cat experiance ratio is wack...... need more pussy

also until i pass out from sheer exaustion and my liver fails

shit posts till cocoppa dolls finishes matinance ohohohohoo

me before i started closing my door before bed: sleep
me after i started closing my door: sleep, but better

still might bring it to like best buy or something... i dont wanna fuck it up. if they try to sell me a new pc imma spit str8 facts

i think theres dust under the ram oopsies......... didnt realize how dusty my pc was

please help me it turns on and like turns off again it wont start up propperly my mom keeps touching it help

my pc isnt turning on help me oh my god

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gamefreak, give me a capybara pokemon

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