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I still have problems writing trans characters because as an author I like making my characters the way they are supposed to be from the start. the same way I'd snap my fingers and give all the trans people the bodies they'd want to have if I could.

forumla e explained by someone who knows very little about it 

@monorail @stolas

I didn't know how much I needed this in my life

@Rasp Every time a guy catcalls, another guy manifests from the aether and walks over to them.

I kept tryng to make a joke about this but sheesh 

Who let this child have a phone?

I might not deserve a beautiful funny trans-girl in my life but if I had one I'd treat her like an absolute queen.:bunhdheart:​

Considering dating is significantly less fun when you're disabled and live at home with your parents still.

If you could inflict one anime upon me what would it be?

I feel like the curse of Studio Trigger is they have amazing battle animation but not once have they paired it with a good story.

Its like the early seasons of RWBY all over again

You know who you are.

We all know who we are. :flan_kraken1:​:flan_kraken2:​:flan_kraken3:​:flan_kraken4:​

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