Question time! A faulty piece of industrial grade electrical equipment has decided to discharge directly into you... and you're wearing insulated boots.

Are you possibly worse off for not having an easier path to ground?

@Rasp The only thing I remember is that, as long as the discharge is only going through one arm, it won't reach your heart.

@Paradox I'm just curious if the electricity would do more damage cause it has to go SOMEWHERE and maybe it overcomes the boots but doesn't that means it sticks around longer?

@Paradox or worse does that energy all get released as heat and turn you into a crispy critter?

I was watching this video on real bionic arms and one of the guys was apparently one who lost his arm in an accident like what I described and he said he was WORSE off for being insulated.

I'm just trying to make sure he was right?

@Rasp I'm by no means an electrical expert.

I do know that, yes, that electrical energy has to go somewhere.
I doubt the discharge made it past his boots, since we funnel tens of thousands of volts through power lines without issue. I'm pretty sure you can touch those and not get hurt.
Electricity takes the path of least resistance, so I assume it would go into the air. Although based on the description I'm surprised he didn't die. He related to Roy Sullivan or something?

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