Did Liefeld draw this what's wrong with my FEET?

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Question time! A faulty piece of industrial grade electrical equipment has decided to discharge directly into you... and you're wearing insulated boots.

Are you possibly worse off for not having an easier path to ground?

The 5yo sprinting in circles
🖐🏻 🦋around the house

Is this a Zoom meeting?

it's not worth the time nor energy to try and get the approval of people who hate you.

Join the Rainbow Unicorn party!

At least one of you didn't not vote for Rainbow Unicorn party and that makes me SAD

The US needs a new left wing political party what should we name it?

I watched a few videos on making burgers and suddenly I feel like I gained a billion burger chef exp

Its sad to see a classic franchise stumble in the modern era.

@Rasp I now hate intellectual property law specifically because we can't have restaurants like that in America

I used to have more reasons but now I only have one

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