@tibike like I feel like I am progressing the most in drawing the least I try to be conscious about the principles. As if the quality of my art is really muscle precision and calculating depth subconsciously. In a sense by auto drawing it's easier and I copy stuff so the things stay in my muscles

@solidsanek can't wait when pali will be a requirement for this field of science :blobcatjoy:

If you are naturally more nerdy very unaware of the social situations you may get bullied or even become antisocial

At young adult times when now we don't have to obey the cool hierarchy and we supposed to be individuals it's not that cringe to play with legos especially when you also yeeted yourself abs because you hyper focused on learning anatomy and doing workout with repetition

And after you approach paper adulthood I think will be the most important to be able to approach life with learning to crosstich and enjoying a low tech house or similar and not being lost this useless web of ideas.

re: selfie, eye contact, help me pick glasses 

@trwnh would pick the first but second is I think will look fancier for most people

My favorite part of being human how confidence is faking it even if you not make it.

Write your websites in hasskel now!

the fact that my fedi app doesn't display links properly makes for pretty good shitpost material

I think the best principle is letting live be life. Finding the sniffits of moments when you can advance yourself and still stay attentic to you

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