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Here is my snake Jamming if you know what I mean 😏 

Please boost this joke XD

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@vanillabean @cantinto @imightbite

It is like you have to spend a lot lot lot time drawing.

I can see intimidating, until you realise you have a little constructive fun

And if you have nothing better to do than draw if you would not draw

Pretty much would just want to draw.

That said a lot of as already see themselves this burning desire. :blobcatfireeyes:​ we just need to grab on it!!

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Hmm would it be nice to make monastery life feasible again for people but without dogmas?

It would actually be a self reserving lifestyle with small communal support

Work would be shared and everything would be allowed if it makes sense.

No laws and no teachings just practices and supporting each other.

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My favorite part of being human how confidence is faking it even if you not make it.

Write your websites in hasskel now!

the fact that my fedi app doesn't display links properly makes for pretty good shitpost material

I think the best principle is letting live be life. Finding the sniffits of moments when you can advance yourself and still stay attentic to you

KDE Plasma powers the desktop of the Valve #SteamDeck.

Congrats Valve for releasing #SteamDeck! Thank you for choosing Plasma!

The steam hand-held being the console you don't need an MIT degree to crack it before you can toy around with it

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