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@vanillabean @cantinto @imightbite

It is like you have to spend a lot lot lot time drawing.

I can see intimidating, until you realise you have a little constructive fun

And if you have nothing better to do than draw if you would not draw

Pretty much would just want to draw.

That said a lot of as already see themselves this burning desire. :blobcatfireeyes:​ we just need to grab on it!!

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Here is my snake Jamming if you know what I mean 😏 

Please boost this joke XD

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@rizzo I kinda use drawing in a therapeutic way at this point...

It's color paint and Water pencils.

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Hmm would it be nice to make monastery life feasible again for people but without dogmas?

It would actually be a self reserving lifestyle with small communal support

Work would be shared and everything would be allowed if it makes sense.

No laws and no teachings just practices and supporting each other.

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Why millions of software developers use computers

Guys is it gay to brutalize? It's literally making cruel, harsh, or unfeeling. 😔🤔🤔


Evolutionary Dynamics: Exploring the Equations of Life - Martin A Nowak

J e graver and m e watkins, combinatorics with emphasis on the theory of graphs

N L Biggs, E K Lloyd, and R J Wilson, Graph theory 1736-1936. Clarendon oxford england 1986

Paul Erdos, A R??nyi. Random graphs. Publication of the Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Science, 5, pages 17-61, 1960.

Fuck capitalism. Of course when I can decide to buy something for 100$ where the fuck these manipulating ads are :blobcatangery:

I want to do the nerd stuff but feeling hurdled because I don't pursue any career init.

Rolled the dice on a faulty DEQ2496 on ebay. Turns out it just has bad power supply caps. When I took it apart I noticed the firmware is stored in socketed flash, and I couldn't help myself, I had to edit the splash screen...

@deadheat @NaiJi @Purrplenekoboi want I want to learn is how to make decent stews, I love stews. If I can learn that, I feel like I have learned the cooking equivalent of arcane magic.
@deadheat @fristi @Purrplenekoboi i am a fan of "throw stuff onto your pan and wait" cooking
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