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Here is my snake Jamming if you know what I mean 😏 

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@rizzo I kinda use drawing in a therapeutic way at this point...

It's color paint and Water pencils.

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Hmm would it be nice to make monastery life feasible again for people but without dogmas?

It would actually be a self reserving lifestyle with small communal support

Work would be shared and everything would be allowed if it makes sense.

No laws and no teachings just practices and supporting each other.

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If you take a new laptop for 120 to 250 with presett windows 10 and after setting up for the first time, you can open up the task mannager and see how the litte computer suffers from bad software optimalisation since 'birth'.

I am hacking my ps Vita UwU

Honestly I just want something what actually can run Ocarina of time and also maybe make music on :blobcatlaugh:

@Purrplenekoboi it's soooooooo cute, you should read it!! It's called "Go for it, Nakamura-kun!" and the sequel is "Go for it more, Nakamura-kun!"

Wtf did someone hack the #36c3 YouTube channel?

It got renamed to "Microsoft US" and is currently livestreaming Bill Gates next to crypto scam ads

Please boost and report the video.

Political observation 

me: waking up with a cold sweat: i had a nightmare i was a game dev and someone told me adding local multiplayer would be simple

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@efi cis (n) - variant of cess, from 'cesspool'
het (n) - Welsh for hat

Cishet (n) - a hat that's full of shit

Lovecraft is just too nice, you sit home not reading and not knowing. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

Not like you have to fight to become enlightenment to then enlighten enlightenment by killing the notion that you are better because you are enlightened. :blobcatonfire:

I listened to this and it will be pretty hard to pressure me going back daydreaming about being a creative-man-solo-game-dev-boyo :blobcatlaugh:

If you find it too long set it to 2x speed ^^

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