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@vanillabean @cantinto @imightbite

It is like you have to spend a lot lot lot time drawing.

I can see intimidating, until you realise you have a little constructive fun

And if you have nothing better to do than draw if you would not draw

Pretty much would just want to draw.

That said a lot of as already see themselves this burning desire. :blobcatfireeyes:​ we just need to grab on it!!

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Here is my snake Jamming if you know what I mean 😏 

Please boost this joke XD

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@rizzo I kinda use drawing in a therapeutic way at this point...

It's color paint and Water pencils.

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Hmm would it be nice to make monastery life feasible again for people but without dogmas?

It would actually be a self reserving lifestyle with small communal support

Work would be shared and everything would be allowed if it makes sense.

No laws and no teachings just practices and supporting each other.

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It's new #emoji day! Have some orcs!
:orc: :orc_goggles: :orc_mage: :orc_king: :orc_laser:

Thanks to @alexshendi and to my patrons and liberapay supporters. :flan_aww:​ (Patreon download packs incoming!)

Imagine being called reserved and to deny that you start to cry XD.

Fellas: is it gay to sensitize? Because you're becoming sensitive or hypersensitive. 🤔

Can some of you programers pissed on Tinder and make an opersource version?

If you learn to draw, a language or instruments to improve brain health. Just do Kriya yoga. Because that meant to this purpose without doing a secondary stuff.

would a site what would just mine out the aesthetically inclined pictures and such be a good idea?. Just because I always remember a lot of artists here (Especially by genre of art) and have hard time remembering their ID.

Perhaps in a way like you would have to just add your Fedi Tag and then # your decided art and vids. For the sake of privacy.

Tired: Banned for weird German Name
Wired: Banned for weird math name
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