How is that there's so many things that I want to do, yet at the same time, despite doing absolutely nothing all day, I feel like I have no time to get around to do them?

The highlight of my day will always be the cats resting on the neighbor's rooftop

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Three things about this picture:

1. I tried to draw a bit more manga-ish, but dunno if that worked out. (I'm happy with the result anyway!)

2. I asked my bf how he makes edges of shadows look cool and tried it here.

3. I love peachy colors!! 🧡

#mastoArt #oc #creativeToots

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I often forget I have this account, I want to be more active :ACNH_Sorrow:

Does anyone have song recommendations? I'm open for just about anything :blobcatmusic:

I usually don't like Christmas too much because of holiday specials and stuff like that, but one thing I really enjoy is seeing places decorated in Christmas lights. I think it's so nice for people to get together and enjoy them 🎄 🌟

Today actually feels like a good day :)

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