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Howdy y'all.

I've advocated people use Mastodon for a long time, but never actually settled down myself. Figured it's high time I quit being a hypocrite and change that.

I'm PublicBearwaves. I like libre software, bears, socialism, and sailboats. I'm floating the idea of starting a leftist tech channel because of an extreme lack of leftist voices in tech spaces and tech advocacy in leftist spaces.

Hope to meet some good folk and build a cozy little network here.

Not content with ruining my weekend plans, FedEx has set its sights on ruining my entire week too. What I want to know is why they were lying when they said it was out for delivery the last three days in a row.

Glowing headbands that read your mood? Velcro slippers tracking toddlers' movements? Surveillance of children is getting more and more prevalent, and it's at your child's school too. Support #FreeSoftware

Ah, the Steam forum. What a wonderful place.

Where all my #Linux hackerfam at?

Reminder why Forums are great and Discord sucks.

Googled something I needed today and where did it lead me? To a post on my own forum 😅 with the exact fix.

Search engines don't get Discord but they do get Forums.

Put guides on Forums pleeeeaaase.

If you think any billionaire worked their way up, you have never worked in your life

find me a socialist who isn't depressed. i'll wait.

I followed the Big Ben bot and it was funny at first but wow that novelty did not last long

Think I'm gonna start using Habitica again. Didn't get very far last time, but I'm in a much better place in my life right now, I think I can actually maintain it.

Well, two of the people directly above me are leaving the company I just joined. I'm not sure if that bodes poorly or not yet.

Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

Last year, I was commissioned by my friend (nyamomask@twitter) to illustrate her FE3H character Dahlia as she appears years after her time at Garreg Mach Monastery.

#kariavalonart #MastoArt #art

If I listen to the Udemy lecture at 2x speed, I can not understand it faster!

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