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Sometimes I think that about social media and sometimes I am the problem about this shit.

This lockdown unleashed my hate, my pain and I no learn anything about this.

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Pourquoi je suis entrain d'apprendre comment utiliser Emacs?

Je sais pas pour me détendre j'imagine ?

I love football and sometimes you can tell a story with a match

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🇸🇪 Gunnar Nordahl

AC Milan🇮🇹 / Best Striker
UFWC / Best Striker

🇸🇪 Gunnar Nordahl

AC Milan🇮🇹 / Best Striker
UFWC / Best Striker

Je me rend pas compte de ma consommation de contenus toxiques.

J'en revient a réfléchir sur l'espece humaine

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Is time to delete my Twitter profile...

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Aptoide, an alternative Android app store, reports a data breach:

– Aptoide disabled its sign up and forces users to change their password.
– HIBP reports that 20 million customer records were exposed.
– These records include e-mail addresses, IP addresses, names, and weakly-hased passwords (SHA-1 without salt).

#aptoide #databreach #infosec #security #cybersecurity

I have a LinkedIn account...

I've never seen more updates on an account than mine.

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let me guess, purism wants to build a tablet after they realized that their phone is a total disaster and pine64 is planning a tablet as well. good luck.

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J'ai envie de créer une marque de chips a consommer uniquement devant Netflix...
Et je les appellerio Netchips !

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