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Sorry to interrupt your reading, but I haven't eaten in 20 minutes... I feel bad...

I'm surprised ENA wasn't recommended to me sooner, considering the fact that it's right up my street.

I'm definitely a fan of it, and better to come across it late than never!

Apparently this redesign was released back in March, but my client has only just received it today?

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I see Spotify on desktop has had a much needed redesign! :blobcathappypaws:

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Sometimes Ivy is extremely photogenic when I'm trying to take pictures of her...

... This is not one of those times.

Something I dislike about social media is how it tends to make you feel obligated to post as frequently as possible - as if you need to constantly give your followers new content or else be abandoned by them.

Thankfully, I don't feel that obligation as much here. I feel like I can post at my own pace and when I'm comfortable doing so, instead of trying to force content. :bunhdhappy:

Spend my time being productive?

No thanks, but I will spend several hours looking for and saving potential new profile pictures just to ultimately end up not using any of them.

It's the weekend, and I simultaneously want to do something and nothing.

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I feel incredibly lucky to have this in my possession, considering how quickly all three of the drops sold out.

It's exciting to think that I might get to witness a human setting foot on for the first time within my lifetime. It would be amazing to live to see such an incredible feat.

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I never uploaded a picture of this keyboard on my desk, so here is an up-to-date photo of it!

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It looks like I'm nearing the end of my first playthrough of Omori!

I know there's more than one ending, so I'm looking forward to seeing which one I end up getting. After that I might start a new game, because I really like the game and I want to see what new things show up!

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