Privacy is a human right and if the US government get in are way we shall fight back legally!

My isp has crappy dns sever and they suck on privacy but have okay fiber optic so I switched to Quad9!

This sweet boy got abandoned in the next apartment building over. I heard him crying in the bush out front and got him inside. No chip or anything and found out the people who were caring for him broke lease and were druggies. So we will give him the love he deserves. #cats #cat

"But when reached by The Verge, TikTok was unable to explain what types of data these terms referred to, or why the app might need to access this information in the first place."


Exercising your right to privacy should never be illegal.


Google is one of the main offenders when it comes to #PrivacyWashing — trying to create a more privacy-focussed brand image instead of actually making their products more private.

Don't fall for it.


Made a meme to day! twitter is funny to find weird tweets like this

Maintenance window - #19

Today starting from 21:30 we will be doing some maintenance on disroot. As a result some of the services might experience short downtime. Affected services are:
🍵 Gitea (
🐼 Cryptpad (
🗑️ PrivateBin (

We hope the downtime will be minimal. Sorry for late notice this time (we forgot to do it earlier)

More details:

their is something about and that reminds me of the old internet about how it was so diverse when Twitter and Facebook didn't own the Internet and their were more than one site and end the end I hope more people join!

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