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Hot take:

Discworld >> Harry Potter

Seriously Terry Pratchett was a much better writer than J.K. Rowling and he wrote a lot more books without them getting stale.

Still not sure on committing to the treeline. giving the landscape a sense of scale is nice, but the empty darkness i started with sets a more mysterious atmosphere. :think_bread:

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Making progress on my banner. just gotta get the rain to splash and ripple on the ground. Not quite sure how to go about it, so i might draw something else meantime.

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• get paid for job
• are no longer amateur
• are usually trained

• trick people for financial gain
• require charisma to be effective
• are a trope in films

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Anyone got advice for drawing reflections on wet surfaces? i'm unsure how to make the ground to look like it's being rained upon.

Edit: forgot to tag

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Well i've got myself to join, so i better say something. I'm a self-taught amateur artist who lives a fair distance from any human life. I'll post any art i scrap up when i can get myself too, and I'll probably end up rambling into the digital void about any minor inconveniences i encounter.

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