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Would you fricc a creeper?

I really like the fediverse there's tons of nice people on it.

MInecraft Earth came out in the UK! :D

@koyu Quick question: Where are the files for the desktop client saved?

The minions wear goggles because their eyes are outside of their skulls.

I forgot where I saved it on my laptop.

Hippity hoppity your happiness is now my property.

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i have compiled a collaborative spam list which is backed up regulary to prevent vandalism:

please boost this and tell your friends!

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Looks like I'm going to eat all the biscuits right now.

What should I do?

Cold water tastes sharp and warm water tastes round. You can't change my mind.

Fun fact: If you're in the living room the grim reaper legally can not take your soul.

Any ideas for things I can making in Python?

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have to do a project (don't know what its gonna be) for school, should i use...

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