Welp, due to my poll which was about eating a loaf of bread's results I'm going to eat a loaf of bread for no reason.

@koyu What's new with the new koyu.space desktop client?

Yay! I'm home now from school no longer suffering from being bullied every minute...

My teacher just made the entire class stay 3 minutes after class. >:(

Due to the last poll I made at koyu.space/web/statuses/103160 I will make useless polls now. Should I eat a loaf of bread?

I'm so tired Im coming back from school.

@koyu When I go onto this websites it makes me have to log back in a lot even though I logged in not long ago.

Should I stop making polls with no actual reason?

My brain runs windows 10 so it crashes frequently. I don't know how to swap it with Debian 10.

русский язык знаешь?

I have school tomorrow please help me..

Batman dies in endgame sorry for spoiling it if you haven't watched it.

What's everyone most favourite food?

My Linux server broke :( but it's fixed now. :)

I'm going to dual boot windows and Ubuntu on my new laptop I'm getting

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