damn it, i gotta stop slacking off on school during the weekdays. leaving it all to be done in just a weekend sucks

why does the air conditioning turn my room into a damn meat locker. i swear im gonna get frost bite in here

damn these classes having me up so early. i never wanna leave my bed

recently i've been interested in using operating systems that aren't windows. the only reasons i haven't switched yet is for familiarity and gaming

very very bad day. equipment fuckups at work held me up for way too long

work was a pain today. my body is killing me. im gonna sleep all week long

i just wanna lay down and stay wrapped up in a blanket all day

i would totally shave my legs if i wasn't a lazy bastard

still cant access the damn book i need for class and now i cant get any work done. guess i'll waste time till that's fixed

man, getting a program to not fucking explode feels good as hell

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sinnoh always wins. remakes play more like D/P than SwSh and we getting a whole new open world game

final fantasy 7 battle royale is an idea so stupid i actually want to play it. unfotunate it's on a touch screen. i cant do shooters unless i have keyboard and mouse or a controller with gyroscope controls

probably shouldn't have played guilty gear instead of doing homework

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