To be very honest: all messaging apps suck. Someone has to do this:

- Having a desktop client that isn't Electron, looks like straight out of 1992 or is missing a lot of features (bad examples: Signal, Element, Gajim, Dino)
- Using end-to-end encryption, but without the sucky UX (bad example: Element)
- Being actually federated (bad examples: all of them and no, is not federation, it makes the discovery UX suck even more as for some reason everyone is hosting their rooms over there)
- Having a bunch of features that aren't accessible through API hacks only (bad examples: Signal, Element)
- Having good mobile apps that implement most if not all desktop features (bad examples: almost all, even Telegram has some issues, but found their UX rather clean compared to other apps)

@koyuchan i really love matrix, but i dont use element. have you tried nheko? its a qt app written in c++. and idk what you think is the problem with matrix e2e

@LordMZTE their e2e ux sucks even harder, glad there's at least cross-device-signing now, but nobody implements it


@koyuchan oh you mean the whole emoji verification thing? its really only there so you can verify new devices you add to your account. if theyre verified, other devices will share the encryption keys. you basically never have to do it with another user.

@LordMZTE not even that, you can skip that entirely as well. a good messaging app assumes there's no mitm and if it is it'll drop all connections. tofu or nothing.

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